Enjoy Making These Christmas Tree Crafts!

It isn’t Christmas without a tree or several, have fun making these Christmas tree crafts

Christmas doesn’t really seem like Christmas without trees, so let’s consider Christmas tree crafts. They make great gifts, tree ornaments, and/or great holiday d├ęcor. When I was growing up, it always seemed to me like the Christmas season had truly begun the minute my parents put up our tree. There is something about Christmas trees that just sings, “It’s Christmas time!”

This connection is so great that it seems appropriate to present to you a myriad of fun Christmas tree crafts. All of these can be made as simply or as elaborately as you would like, and nearly all of them would be a hit with the craft children in your life!

Christmas Tree Crafts

Tree Place Card: I love this idea, especially for when you’re having a special Christmas dinner. These little place cards are so cute and easy to make.

Oh Felty Christmas Tree: A series of multicolored felt discs are used to make this colorful and adorable little tree. In this tutorial, the tree is used as an ornament; I think it would also make a darling table centerpiece!

Button Tree Ornament: This is an incredibly easy little craft that just requires buttons and cord (and perhaps some nail polish). I think if you make this with kids, it would be fun to use different colors of buttons, either to make a rainbow like in the Felty Christmas Tree or to make a single color other than green.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar: This particular craft is a bit more time consuming than the preceding ones, but what a payoff: a beautiful handmade Advent calendar that will be fun for the entire family!

Christmas Kiss Tree: That’s my own name for this craft. This tutorial is image-only, without a single word of text. However, the images are so clear and easy to follow that text really isn’t needed. I think the only possibly confusing part is how to put the kisses on the tree, but you have a few options. You could use glue dots or strips, or you could use a hot glue gun. Tacky craft glue might work, too. This would make a wonderful gift or a lovely table centerpiece!

Nuts-and-Bolts Christmas Tree: I saved this one for last for two reasons: one, it’s definitely the most time-consuming and requires the most specialized equipment, and two, it’s the most spectacular, at least in my opinion! If you want to make an incredibly unique little tree for your home, this is the way to go!

I hope these have inspired you to tackle some Christmas tree crafts this season!