Entertain Your Young Ones with These Preschool Christmas Crafts

Reindeer and candy canes make perfect preschool Christmas crafts

Entertain your preschoolers while creating delectable and precious preschool Christmas crafts. These reindeer candy canes have circulated through the years. They remain a constant favorite among those looking for easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers. Put on the Christmas tunes and pour your preschoolers a warm cup of cocoa — these preschool Christmas crafts will entertain and delight!

Reindeer candy canes

This preschool Christmas craft is easy and enjoyable — for you and your children. Spend no time at all building your candy canes to give as gifts or to decorate your tree. These little guys can hang on each bough of the Christmas tree to display your kids’ hard work.

What you will need:

— 1 package of red and white striped candy canes

— small, red pon pons

— small, black pon pons

— 1 package of brown pipe cleaners

— 1 package of small googly eyes

— scissors

— glue

How to make your Christmas crafts for preschoolers:

1. Begin your candy cane reindeer by removing all candy canes from the box — leaving them all wrapped in plastic.

2. Measure 3 inches of brown pipe cleaner and cut. Wrap each 3 inch section of pipe cleaner around the hook of the candy cane to form antlers (measure evenly, with the center on the candy cane). Curl and bend the pipe cleaner to your desire.

3. Glue a red or black pon pon on the end of each candy cane (at the end of the hook) for a nose.

4. Glue 2 googly eyes beneath your antlers and above your nose.

Make as many or as few as you want. They’re simple, adorable, and great to spark other preschool Christmas craft ideas. These reindeer candy canes are fun to hook on your tree, tie with ribbon and hang from shelves or your mantle, or stick in small pots or mugs around your house.

These reindeer also make great gifts for teachers, your kids’ friends, or family members. Tie onto gifts for an embellishment under your tree. Your family members will love the addition to your wrapping and your kids will be thrilled to see their creations admired by others. Enjoy these and many other preschool Christmas crafts with your young ones!