Fabulous and Fun Christmas Crafts

Fun Christmas crafts in 3 simple steps

Fun Christmas crafts are easy to find, but they’re not always something you want to display later. Use these fun crafts for Christmas to decorate around your home. They even make excellent table decor for patio furniture and plant stands that need some festive sprucing. Indoors or outdoors — these marble stained glass tiles are excellent decor for your home.

Marble stained glass

If you are able to find glass tiles pre-punched and strung with wire or ribbon for hanging, you can use these as stained glass to hang in your windows. A great place to look for something like that is the framing section of your craft store. It may come in a frame, which looks fabulous when completed.

Whatever style you choose, enjoy making your easy and fun Christmas crafts!


— Square glass tile

— Hot glue

— Melting glue sticks

— Glass marbles (the flat marbles used in fish tanks) – clear, light blue, and dark blue


1. Before you start your fun Christmas crafts, be sure to have plenty of hot glue on hand. Heat your glue gun, as this craft requires it constantly.

2. Clean your glass tile using Windex or rubbing alcohol and a non-shedding cloth. Allow it time to dry (2 minutes).

3. Lay your glass marbles in a design of your choosing. The colors listed above were used to create a snowflake design. In order to create a snowflake design for your stained glass, arrange the clear marbles into a fun and simple snowflake. Surrounding those clear marbles, fill in the spaces with the dark and light blue marbles. If you have room to create a border, lay that around the perimeter of the glass tile.

4. One by one, pick up each marble and use a dollop of hot glue to attach it to the glass tile. Be careful to keep your marbles as close to each other as possible.

5. Once your design has dried, turn over your glass tile and glue 1 glass marble to each corner of the tile. This will raise it up off any surface.

You can use these as trivets, coasters, or hanging stained glass for your home. You won’t find anything else like this on the web, but you will enjoy making them! Create your favorite Christmas image in this unique stained glass. Penguins, snowmen, Christmas trees, ornaments, packages, and poinsettias make simple images to create out of marbles.

Enjoy your fun Christmas crafts and use this as a template to create many different tiles throughout your house!