Fall Craft Ideas for Making a Simple Leaf Wreath

Use these fall craft ideas and your scrapbooking tools for this leaf wreath

I don’t know about you, but I seem to collect crafting tools and am always looking for new fall craft ideas to make with them. There are many stores that carry paper wreath making kits, but it’s simple to make your own. Using a simple wreath form and a leaf scrapbooking punch, I made this wreath in an afternoon and the good news is, the kids can help with these too! Give children a wreath form and let their imaginations run wild.

Create your simple Fall wreath

Use this idea for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or fall crafts. The only change you will make is which punch you use. Several of these lined up on a wall would look cute. I am using mine to hang in front of a mirror. Also, add embellishments as you wish. For Thanksgiving, add the words “thankful,” “blessings,” or “family.” For Halloween, I am adding a foam bat to the center. Or just keep it simple and use the wreath alone.



— Styrofoam or wood/MDF wreath form (any size you wish – I used a 7″ form.)

— Scrapbooking/stationary punches in whichever pattern you like (leaves, pumpkins, bats)

— Various scrapbooking papers in a variety of patterns (this is great for using up some of those scraps!)

— Craft glue

— A ribbon to hang your wreath

— Small card/s with words to adhere or a shape to add in the middle of the wreath


1. You will want to begin by punching out the shapes you will be using. As you punch out the shapes, notice if there is a pattern you want to follow with the colors, or if you prefer a random layout. For my 7″ wreath, I used about 30 leaves, 10 of each pattern.

2. Once you decide on the pattern, begin gluing the leaves, overlapping each one as you go. Make sure to cover the entire wreath to avoid any bare spots.

3. Continue gluing until you reach the end. Let the leaves dry in place and decide if you want to add any embellishments (for my wreath, I used a foam bat cutout.)

4. Once the embellishments are adhered, glue your ribbon to the back, making sure to center it on the wreath (otherwise, it will hang crooked). To reinforce my ribbon, I pushed toothpicks through the ribbon, into the Styrofoam wreath. Cut off the excess toothpick with sharp scissors.

Once you finish, hang the wreath anywhere in your house or office. You can also use them down the center of the table (just be sure to cover the sides of the wreath so you don’t see the form). The kids can help from picking out the papers to punching out the shapes, to gluing into place. For another great wreath idea, check out this Moss wreath craft. Have fun with this and other fall craft ideas!