Fall Crafts Articles

Use These Halloween Crafts For Kids to Decorate Your Chandelier

Use these Halloween craft for kids ideas to turn your chandelier into a spooky spider web

Use these Halloween crafts for kids to transform your chandelier into a spooky display piece. My kids are at the age where they want Halloween to be scary, but not too scary. So with simple Halloween decorations, transform your house without spending too much money.

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Fall Wreath Craft for Your Door or Mantle

A homemade fall wreath craft that looks professional

After shopping for fall crafts at my local crafts store, I came to the realization that the price was more than I wanted to spend for a seasonal decoration. That is when I came up with this fall wreath craft. It looks professional, and comes in at half the cost of the store bought wreath.

This wreath works through October and November, extending from fall crafts to Thanksgiving crafts.

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Fall Craft Ideas for Making a Simple Leaf Wreath

Use these fall craft ideas and your scrapbooking tools for this leaf wreath

I don’t know about you, but I seem to collect crafting tools and am always looking for new fall craft ideas to make with them. There are many stores that carry paper wreath making kits, but it’s simple to make your own. Using a simple wreath form and a leaf scrapbooking punch, I made this wreath in an afternoon and the good news is, the kids can help with these too! Give children a wreath form and let their imaginations run wild.

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These Easy Halloween Craft Ideas Make a Customizable Centerpiece

These black branches make a centerpiece using easy Halloween craft ideas

I’ve recently come across some easy and super cute Halloween craft ideas. Read on to see how these ideas can be customized to your Halloween decor for next to nothing. All you need is some spray paint and branches from the yard to make an amazing centerpiece.

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