Fall Thanksgiving Crafts to Use on Your Table

Easy fall Thanksgiving crafts ideas using simple supplies

As the time draws closer to the holiday season, these fall Thanksgiving crafts are simple solutions for decorating your table. I love using natural materials in my crafts. And for these ideas, use them over and over (or add some yummy treats instead). Just a few simple materials and create a custom-made table for your guests this year.

Thanksgiving craft ideas for your table

By using simple brown craft paper, some scrapbooking papers and stamps, create this runner and paper cornucopias. Fill the cornucopias with natural berries and nuts, or fill them with gold-foiled chocolates to make a special treat for your guests. Use these cornucopias at each place setting, or if you use heavy cardstock, hang them from each guest’s chair with ribbon. All you need for the table runner is some craft paper and scissors.


— brown craft paper

— scrapbook paper

— burlap (to add another layer)

— stamps and stamp pads

— scissors

— glue

— fillers for your cornucopias

Directions for runner

Oct-2011 024.jpg

1. For the runner, cut brown craft paper in a rectangle to fit your table.

2. Along the edges of the craft paper, stamp a fall shape (I used a leaf shaped stamp) along the border.

3. At the short ends of the paper, cut about two inches in from the end to make a fringe on the paper.

Directions for cornucopia

Oct-2011 023.jpg

1. For the cornucopias, roll a scrapbook paper at one end until it forms a point. Gently release the upper edge of the paper while holding the point. This will form your cornucopia.

2. Glue the edges in place. For my example, I went one step further and lined the cornucopia with burlap.

3. Then, fill it with some natural berries and nuts, or pretty wrapped candies or chocolates.

Use these ideas throughout the holiday season. Use the craft paper to make placemats as well, and let the kids join in by decorating them. To add some extra flair, use pinking shears, or some scrapbooking scissors, to add a custom outline to the borders. These ideas make great fall Thanksgiving crafts for your table.