Fall Wreath Craft for Your Door or Mantle

A homemade fall wreath craft that looks professional

After shopping for fall crafts at my local crafts store, I came to the realization that the price was more than I wanted to spend for a seasonal decoration. That is when I came up with this fall wreath craft. It looks professional, and comes in at half the cost of the store bought wreath.

This wreath works through October and November, extending from fall crafts to Thanksgiving crafts.

Before you start, grab a cup of coffee or a warm honey tea and get in the festive spirit of the fall. Gather your crafts and start your simple fall wreath craft.

Article - Fall wreath craft.jpg


– Cardboard wreath frame (12-inch diameter)

– Wooden, die-cut pumpkins (found in your craft store)

– Wood plaque

– Hot glue and glue gun

– Acrylic paint – orange, green, gold, black, off-white

– Paint brushes

– Ribbon or a thin-gauged wire


Begin your craft by painting your circle frame black on all sides. Lay it out to dry while you work on your pumpkins. Lay each pumpkin flat and paint with the acrylic orange paint. Once they are all dry, paint the stems green.

Use the gold acrylic paint and use it to accent the imaginary curves on a pumpkin. Avoid applying the gold paint too heavy to avoid covering the orange of the pumpkin’s base color. Just use it around the perimeter and in vertical, curved lines to form the pumpkin’s curves.

Once everything is dry, use a narrow, pointed brush and draw curly vines on each of your pumpkins, starting at the stem and spiraling downward and outward to the edge. Set them all aside and work on your final step.

Place the wooden plaque flat on its back. Paint the plaque with off-white paint. When it dries, trim the edge in green in the pattern you desire. I used a jotted pattern to match the rugged edge that is cut into the ends of the plaque. While it is drying, write your unique message on your fall wreath craft. Use a simple, legible print.

Once everything is dry, begin assembling your wreath by placing the pumpkins around the circle base until they are perfectly spaced. Hot glue each pumpkin into place. Lay the plaque over the center of the fall wreath craft and glue into place. Finish your craft by threading a ribbon or wire through the hanging holes on the back of your frame.

Hang and enjoy your fun fall crafts! And be sure to check out another simple fall wreath craft if you want to involve your crafty kids.