Free Christmas Crafts for Groups Large and Small

Free Christmas crafts require nothing but paper!

I’m always on the lookout for free Christmas crafts. I’m particularly excited when I find ones I can do with slightly older kids. In my experience, it’s not hard to find preschool Christmas crafts. Let’s be honest: for kids that young, anything involving scissors, glue, and crayons will be a blast. But for slightly older kids, it’s hard to find crafts that hold their attention and don’t cost anything.

You can make some pretty amazing 3D snowflakes out of nothing but paper, tape, and staples, though. OK — you need scissors, too, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The instructions are a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, these make fantastic decorations and very versatile free Christmas crafts.

Making 3D Snowflakes

What You’ll Need

-Six squares of paper per person
-Clear tape
-A stapler


What to Do

1. Make sure your papers are perfect squares. I used white paper to make snowflakes, but I’ve also seen this done in blues and greys with origami paper, which is a great shortcut to the perfect squares. You can make them any size as long as they’re all the same.

2. Take one square of paper and fold it into a triangle. With the folded edge on the bottom, fold it sideways into another triangle. Turn the triangle so the folded edges are on the bottom and on your left. Your right will be the angled portion that opens.

3. Carefully cut through all layers from the bottom towards the left folded edge. You’re going to want to cut three straight lines that don’t quite reach the middle (in other words, the paper shouldn’t fall apart). When you finish and unfold it into the original triangle, you’ll have three diagonal cuts on each side reaching towards the middle.

4. Unfold the triangle and position it as a diamond. You should have a series of smaller diamonds cut into the paper’s center. Take the pointed edges of the centermost diamond and gently curve them together. Tape them in place. It should create a small roll in the center of your diamond.

5. Flip the paper over so the rolled portion is on the bottom. Carefully join the ends of the next smallest diamond in the same way and tape them together.

6. Flip the paper over again and repeat.

7. Flip the paper once more to tape the final ends together. You should now have a spiral with pointed edges (stopping at this point makes beautiful lantern-like Christmas ornaments if you use colored paper).

8. Repeat this process with the other five squares.

9. Staple three of the pieces together. Staple the other three pieces together as well. Then staple the two sets together so all six pieces are joined. As a final step, go around the snowflake and staple flat ends together so all the pieces stick together in a snowflake shape.

These are surprisingly elegant crafts when you use small papers, and in a variety of sizes they make great classroom Christmas decorations. Have fun with these simple and free Christmas crafts.