Free Christmas Crafts Articles

Free Christmas Crafts for Groups Large and Small

Free Christmas crafts require nothing but paper!

I’m always on the lookout for free Christmas crafts. I’m particularly excited when I find ones I can do with slightly older kids. In my experience, it’s not hard to find preschool Christmas crafts. Let’s be honest: for kids that young, anything involving scissors, glue, and crayons will be a blast. But for slightly older kids, it’s hard to find crafts that hold their attention and don’t cost anything.

You can make some pretty amazing 3D snowflakes out of nothing but paper, tape, and staples, though. OK — you need scissors, too, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The instructions are a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, these make fantastic decorations and very versatile free Christmas crafts.

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Make Free Christmas Crafts from Paper Towel Tubes

These Free Christmas Crafts are a Delight for Both the Crafter and the Recipient

If you’re tired of spending more on craft supplies than you would on a gift, these free Christmas crafts are for you. They cost almost nothing to make, especially if you produce them bulk for a group. Use toilet paper tubes instead of paper towel tubes and you could even do your child’s entire class.

The idea is to make a small tube full of gifts — sort of like a Christmas cracker, but personalized for each person. You can also include an individual message for the recipient. The fun thing about free Christmas crafts is that, with no pricey materials to worry about, you can mess around and experiment as much as you like!

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Handprint Wreaths: Free Christmas Crafts That Are Easy and Quick!

These free Christmas crafts are great for young children on a budget!

Are you looking for free Christmas crafts to do with groups of young children? Not only are the instructions for this craft free, but the materials are dirt cheap — the perfect free Christmas crafts when you’re working on a budget!

Because they involve cutting and tracing, very small children may not have the fine motor skills to finish these off without help. It’s a great craft for teamwork, though: get older children to help out with the cutting and tracing!

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