Use these Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Decorate Your Home

Festive and Colorful Paper Flags Make For Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

I am always looking for new and creative easy Christmas crafts for kids to make each year. And this year, I’ll be adorning my windows with festive paper flags. There are so many creative ways you can transform these simple flags into something special. The basic supplies are things you most likely already have on hand, and embellish them with any other supplies you choose.

Creating a great addition to your tree

If you like ways to involve the kids, they can help with cutting out the triangles, stringing them onto a pretty ribbon, and decorating them as well. A great idea for embellishing these is to glue a small envelope onto each one for holding a treasure for a countdown to Christmas. You can also embellish them with glitter glues with a design on all sides of the triangles. Or stamp letter on each one to spell out Christmas words, like ”Merry” or ”Joy.” Use your creativity with these ideas of Christmas decorations to make.

October-2011 041.jpg


— colorful Christmas scrapbooking papers or cardstock

— thin ribbon or twine to string letters on (I used wired, double sided ribbon)

— scissors

— triangle template

— hole punch

— scrapbooking stamps, glitter glue, trimmings, etc. to decorate each flag


1. Start by making your triangle template. I used a piece of poster board to make mine. You can make it as large or small as you chose. Make sure to use a thick enough template so it doesn’t crumple since you’ll be using it several times.

2. Trace the triangle shape on the back of each paper.

3. Make two hole punches at the top of each triangle.

4. Decorate or embellish each triangle as you choose.

5. Thread each triangle onto your ribbon or twine and hang to enjoy!

Once you’ve made one of these, it’s easy to see all the possibilities! My daughter already laid claim to the example I made! These would look great across doorways, windows, along the mantle, anywhere you want to add some whimsy and color. These easy Christmas crafts for kids to make are sure to be enjoyed by the whole family!