Fun Christmas Crafts For Everyone

Christmas crackers are easy Christmas crafts for everyone

It can be hard to find Christmas crafts for everyone on your list. Either they’re too hard for the little ones or too easy for the big ones, or the grown ups aren’t really interested… but in the spirit of holiday togetherness, it’s a good idea to find at least a few crafts the family can do together.

Christmas crackers are perfect crafts for everyone. They’re fun, and you can do them in a variety of styles so everyone from the very young to the very old can participate and make them as intricate as they like. Furthermore, Christmas crackers are a fun tradition, and the commercial ones are expensive and unimpressive. These are more interesting. They also make great holiday gifts.

Christmas crafts for everyone: How to make Christmas crackers

What You’ll Need

-Paper napkins in different colors
-Tissue rolls
-Craft glue
-Decorative items such as paint, ribbon, paper doilies, stickers, etc.
-Cracker snap inserts (optional — you can buy them at craft stores)
-Small gifts and toys that will fit into the tubes such as stickers, candies, etc. (also optional)


What to Do

1. Unfold the paper napkin. Place a small gift and a cracker snap insert (if you are using them) inside one paper roll and place it in the middle of the napkin. You can secure it with a drop of glue or a small piece of tape.

2. Roll the tube in the napkin and secure the end with a few drops of glue (not too much or it will wrinkle the paper).

3. Trim the edges if needed. Twist the ends to form a traditional cracker shape and tie them with ribbon (this can be tricky so smaller children will need help with this step).

4. From here, your crackers are ready for decorating. Sometimes if you really want Christmas crafts for everyone, it works best to have adults do the first three steps and let the children decorate. For a more professional look, paint doilies and wrap them around, securing with glue. For a more natural look, let the kids go nuts with stickers, bits of wrapping paper, or anything else they can get their hands on.

This is a particularly fun craft if you don’t let the kids know what gifts you tucked inside your crackers. That way, it’s a surprise when they pop them. You could also have each person make a special cracker for a friend or family member with their own gift inside. Alternatively, you can use special messages, Christmas carol lyrics, or anything else your imagination comes up with as filling.

Crackers are fun for every age and oh-so-easy to make. No matter who you’re crafting with, these are ideal Christmas crafts for everyone.