Give Your Kids a Fun Project with This Paper Thanksgiving Craft

Your kids will feel like they contributed and your guests will love this paper Thanksgiving craft

A paper Thanksgiving craft is all you need to set your dining room apart this holiday. If you enjoy decorating your house for the holidays, but get tired of having the same store bought decorations as everyone else — this craft is perfect for you. This Thanksgiving banner is festive, unique, and fun for anyone interested in making decorations for the fall.

Thanksgiving Banner

You might be wondering what would make this banner any different than the multi-colored, foil printed banner at your local party store. This banner is made from items you can find in your pantry and at your local craft store. It is meant to remind us of the basics in the first Thanksgiving. These banners are simple Thanksgiving crafts that are made by using your own, original additions.

Here are some Thanksgiving craft ideas for you to make your banner. Keep in mind that this is a good Thanksgiving craft for kids. They will enjoy putting their creativity into the banner, as well. So let’s begin.


— Construction paper or cardstock

— Glue

— Tape

— Raffia or Yarn

— Dry beans

— Faux quail or pheasant feathers

— Macaroni noodles

— Cinnamon Sticks

— Dried corn kernels

— Objects from the yard (ie: sticks, leaves, pine needles)

How to make your Thanksgiving banner:

1. Fold the corners of the paper, so that the edges of the fold meet in the middle of the short side of the paper. It will resemble the first step to making a paper airplane.

2. From here, fold the 2 long sides into the middle until they touch. Crease and smooth the edges.

3. Fold the last untouched side (short side) over by about an inch, creating a loophole. Tape the edge down. All creases and tape should be on one side of the paper — leaving a smooth, clean side.

4. Repeat these 3 steps for all letters (if you’re spelling “Thanksgiving” that is 12). Consider making a banner saying, “Turkey Day,” “Happy Thanksgiving,” or any other Thanksgiving saying.

5. String the raffia or ribbon through the loops that you made on the back side of each paper. This is the top of your banner.

6. Decide what objects look best when forming your letters. For instance, the feathers will be easier to work with and look neater on straight letters, such as the letter T. Also, keep in mind that it will be easier if you use upper case letters.

7. Write one letter per sheet of paper, trying to keep them close in size. One by one, go over your written letter with glue. Once you have written in glue, begin assembling your objects. Be sure to alternate if you are using the same objects for multiple letters.

This is a cool and crafty way to decorate! If your letters slide around on your raffia or ribbon, place a small piece of tape in the paper loop to adhere it to the string. Hang where you like and let everyone admire the work! Who knew that a paper Thanksgiving craft could be so fun and impressive? You, of course!