Great Christmas Ornament Ideas: Homemade Window Clings!

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas ornament ideas, these window clings are the perfect crafty solution!

We’ve all seen those window clings in our search for Christmas ornament ideas, but they’re overpriced and often kind of — how should I put this? — ugly. Crafters on the search for Christmas ornament ideas can bypass that whole problem, though, and make their own beautiful window clings out of saran wrap!

This project uses colored PVC glue (which is basically white glue). You should be able to find this in the arts and crafts section, but if you can’t, you can make your own. Mix a small amount of brightly colored acrylic or poster paint with a fairly large amount of white glue. Use it quickly, before it has a chance to dry!

When making these Christmas ornament ideas, you can use glue directly out of the tube (if colored) or apply it with a paintbrush (if making your own). Styrofoam egg cartons make great containers for mixing paint and glue.


-Saran wrap (or any plastic cling wrap)
-white glue in a variety of colors (available at craft and art supplies stores)
-masking tape

Make It!

These are great Christmas ornament ideas for adults and older children — younger kids will find this craft messy and complicated.

Cut a piece of paper to the size of your window design and draw a plan. Trace over it in marker. Cut a piece of cling wrap the same size or slightly larger and carefully tape it over your design. Make sure it is secure.

Go over your outline in black glue. Let it dry before filling in the spaces with colored glue.

Let it dry completely.

To remove your design, place the dry project in the freezer for ten seconds to harden it, then peel it off the saran wrap. Your Christmas ornament ideas are now reality: they’ll stick to any window, at least as well as that discount shop garbage!

Other Ideas

These Christmas ornament ideas make great projects for slightly older kids: classes, Scouts, or church groups. They can be as complicated or simple as you desire, and they let kids exercise a lot of creativity. What’s more, they’re pretty inexpensive to make: colored glue is usually not a lot of money, and a little goes a long way. Try some unique Christmas ornament ideas with your group this year!