Halloween Arts and Crafts for the Novice Painter

Try your hand at these mini canvases for great Halloween arts and crafts

The weather is cooling and the stores are filling up with bags of candy. Use this time for Halloween arts and crafts and prepare for our coming Christmas craft segments. With these simple paintings, even the novice crafter creates fun fall crafts. For a small amount of money, these simple and easy Halloween crafts liven up your entry, mantle, or bookshelf. So spread out that painter’s sheet, gather your supplies, and follow these Halloween craft ideas.

Simple instructions for Halloween arts and crafts

Halloween arts and crafts are fun and inexpensive. This simple, Halloween craft is unique, as well as enjoyable to create. Gather the following supplies, and let’s begin!


– 2 small, rectangular canvases

– Flat, Acrylic paint — any fall colors you like

– 1 large paintbrush

– 1 small, pointed paintbrush

– Pencil

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Begin your Halloween arts and crafts by painting each canvas with 1 color per canvas. I chose purple for one canvas and green for the other. Allow your canvases to dry before continuing.

Once your canvases are dry, use a pencil to write the words on top of the paint. Use your creativity and have fun with this step. I wrote my words in a fun print, expressive of my personality in creating this Halloween craft, and coordinating well with the rest of my Halloween decor.

With your pencil, on the first canvas, write the words “You say ‘witch’.” Feel free to write at fun angles and in a mixed font. On the second canvas, write the words “Like it’s a bad thing.” Once you have the words written to your liking, select the paints for your words. I chose black and white, sometimes used on the same letter.

With your thin, pointed brush, write over your pencil carefully in paint. Remember, nothing is permanent. If you slip and smear paint, wipe it off with a dry cloth and paint over the smear with your base paint.

Once everything is dry, stack your canvases on top of each other, lie side by side, or prop them up in fun angles to attract attention to your unique Halloween arts and crafts. If you are handy and brave, you can drill through the bottom of your first canvas and the top of your second canvas, run a thin gauge wire through the two, allowing enough space between them to see the space against which they hang. Then, drill through the top of the first canvas and run your wire through the holes, tying off at the top to hang on a hook in your home.

Enjoy your Halloween arts and crafts!