Handprint Wreaths: Free Christmas Crafts That Are Easy and Quick!

These free Christmas crafts are great for young children on a budget!

Are you looking for free Christmas crafts to do with groups of young children? Not only are the instructions for this craft free, but the materials are dirt cheap — the perfect free Christmas crafts when you’re working on a budget!

Because they involve cutting and tracing, very small children may not have the fine motor skills to finish these off without help. It’s a great craft for teamwork, though: get older children to help out with the cutting and tracing!


Green construction paper
Optional decorations: ribbon, scrap paper, stickers, foam pieces, glitter, etc.

Make It!

Begin by carefully tracing each child’s hand on green construction paper. You will need 10 – 15 hands for each child, minimum — more if you’re planning to make large crafts.

Have an adult help with the tracing and cutting if necessary. Each child cuts out his or her hands and lays them, overlapping, in a circle, with the fingers extended outwards. When you’re happy with the look of the wreath, glue the palms together. You should now have a “wreath” made of hands.

If you want to reinforce the wreaths, glue them to a circle of cardboard or stiffer paper.

Decorate the wreaths however you want! Let the kids color their crafts with markers, glue on scraps, or cover in glitter. Whatever you do will look great. If you want to, glue a bow on the bottom of each wreath, or hole punch the top and tie a ribbon through so the wreath can hang at home!

Besides being free Christmas crafts, these are also simple Christmas crafts, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for older children. Let them get creative, using different colors and decorating to their hearts’ contents. You might also consider making a classroom or family wreath of hands: trace each person’s hand once (or two, or three, or four) times, then glue them all together to make a wreath of unity!

Wrapping Up

These free Christmas crafts are perfect for children’s Christmas parties, preschool and kindergarten classrooms, daycare, and family gatherings where you need to keep the kids busy. Have fun, lay down some newspaper, and don’t worry about the mess: these free Christmas crafts will save the day every time!