Hard-to-Find Craft Supplies

3 super sources for hard-to-find craft supplies

Craft supplies are generally available at just about any variety or discount store. Most cities also have some stores that specifically carry craft supplies as well. However, occasionally you will need craft supplies that are just not real easy to find.

Krafty Kris has great ideas for getting your hands on those hard to come by craft supplies…

There is nothing more frustrating than starting Christmas craft projects just in time to have them ready for the holidays and then finding that the local craft stores don’t have the craft supplies you need.

When that happens, you can either travel out of town to shop at various craft stores, or order your supplies over the internet. Most people think it will cost a fortune for quick delivery of craft supplies ordered online, or that they can expect quite a long wait to get them.

Of course in some cases that is true; however, there are some very good sources for ordering craft supplies online that deliver promptly without extravagant shipping and handling costs.

Here are few great sources for craft supplies, even the hard-to-find kind…

1. Michaels

Michaels is by far my favorite craft store. If you want a variety of craft supplies to choose from at very reasonable prices, Michaels is the place to go.

If there is not a Michaels in your town, visit the corporate website and use the store locator to see if there is a store near you. Michaels is a global arts and crafts company with stores in every state and even some other countries.

2. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is another national chain for arts and craft supplies. They aren’t in every state, but they are pretty far reaching. If there is not a Hobby Lobby near you, check out the online catalog at the Hobby Lobby website and you are sure to find the craft supplies you need at a reasonable price.

3. Dick Blick Art Materials

Dick Blick Art Materials is another retailer of high quality art and craft supplies. They have store locations in 15 states and you can order your craft supplies from their website if there is not a store near you.

Dick Blick carries a wide variety of art and craft supplies including special adhesives, air brushing supplies, and sculpting supplies that are sometimes difficult to find. They also carry general art supplies like canvases and a large variety of paints.

Shopping tip: If you have been to your local craft stores and you didn’t find the craft supplies you needed, ask a clerk if the item you are looking for can be ordered. Usually they can order the hard-to-find craft supplies you need and in most cases they don’t charge you for shipping and handling and they can get the craft supplies in rather quickly.

On the Internet you will find tons of places where you can order craft supplies, sometimes at a great discount. Also, being such a popular website for both new and used items, eBay is an exceptional choice for finding hard-to-find craft supplies.