Inexpensive Wood Crafts for Christmas

Bookends, welcome blocks and other easy wood crafts for Christmas gifts

Wood crafts are fun and inexpensive to make and they make fabulous Christmas gifts! You can usually find a wide range of ideas for wood crafts in any craft store and many even have precut, shaped wood for wood craft projects.

Krafty Kris’s favorite wood crafts…

As the queen of crafts as I’m sometimes called, I have to tell you wood crafts are my very favorite! The possibilities of what you can make with wood crafts are truly endless.

Books on wood crafts

When I first got interested in wood crafts I purchased wood craft books which are filled with ideas for wood crafts ranging from knick-knacks to beautiful furniture. If you find you really like working with wood, check with Amazon or your local bookstore for books on wood crafts.


Bookend wood crafts

To get a start on making some simple, inexpensive wood crafts, you can just use bits and pieces of wood like those used in the bookends in the photo. These bookends were made by screwing together a square block of wood and a short piece of lumber.

Once the base was secure the wood was varnished with a tinted clear coat varnish, then the decorations, the wooden apples and miniature blackboards were attached using hot glue.

This is a simple, functional product of wood crafts that is so easy and extremely inexpensive. The bookends can be decorated in anyway and make a wonderful gift for just about anybody on your Christmas list.

Did you know? Many wood burning craft kits come with a wood burning tools, patterns, and even precut wood for wood crafts and they usually cost around $20 to $30. You can get even better deals that that at online auction sites.

More easy wood crafts

Wood crafts such as welcome blocks, paper weights, recipe holders, and door stops can be made using wooden blocks like the ones displayed in the bookend picture. The blocks can be painted, stenciled, or decorated using a wood burner. You can even cut out designs out of fabric, attach them with fabric glue and top them off with a clear coat to the seal them making the wood crafts match any decorating theme.

Wood crafts are quick and easy to make and make wonderful Christmas gifts.