Jingle Your Way Through the Holidays with These Christmas Ornaments Crafts

Snowmen are all the rage this holiday season with adorable Christmas ornaments crafts

Christmas ornaments crafts are among my favorite crafts since they are great gifts, gift tag embellishments or just for my tree. This jingle bell snowman idea is a wonderful kids Christmas ornaments craft. Just follow the 7 easy steps to have your own collection of snowmen ornaments for your tree this year.

Jingle bell snowman ornaments

You will set apart your tree with these individualized ornaments adorning its branches. These ornaments also make great gifts for an ornament exchange or for your kids’ teachers. No one else will have ornaments like these! Let’s begin!


— 3 jingle bells of the same size

— Craft Wire

— White spray paint

— Sealer

— Felt or material for a scarf

— Thin, festive ribbon
— 2 small, red pon pons (for earmuffs)

— 3 tiny, black pon pons (for buttons)

— Paint for the face


1. Thread one end of your wire through the top of your first bell, through the bell, and out the bottom. Continue threading in this manner through the 3 bells. Once you reach the bottom bell, feed it back up through the bells and out the top bell. Leave enough of a loop in the wire to hang from the tree. Tie off and cut any excess wire.

2. Hang your bells from a tree or hook outside or in a well-ventilated area. Spray paint the entire “snowman” white. Allow him time to dry before continuing. Keep in mind that the surface is slick, so you might need a second coat if the paint does not adhere.

3. Once dry, paint your snowman’s face using the acrylic paint of your choice. Once dry, seal the paint with your sealer (spray or brush-on).

4. Allow this sealer to dry before continuing.

5. After dry, measure and tie a scarf onto your snowman between the top and middle bells.

6. On the middle bell, glue the 3 tiny, black pon pons in a vertical row down the middle of the bell (as buttons).

7. Final touch! Measure the ribbon to fit across the top of the topmost bell from one side to the other. (These are earmuffs). Cut and glue your ribbon in place. Finally, cut the back of each red pon pon and glue at the ends of the ribbon. These are your snowman’s earmuffs.

Now that he is completed, you can replicate this process for many more Christmas tree ornaments crafts. Use different sizes to make an entire family of snowmen. You will love these crafty designs!