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Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids of all Ages

Enjoy these Christmas craft ideas for kids in a few simple steps

Kick off the holiday season with homemade sugar cookies, steamed milk, and Christmas craft ideas for kids! It may only be fall, but the holidays will sneak up on us. Before you know it, Christmas will be here and you will be rushing to create your seasonal crafts. Give the kids something to do with these Christmas crafts for preschoolers, elementary kids, and even older kids who just love the holidays.

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The Perfect Wrap: Use These Kids Christmas Craft Ideas as Gifts

Do your Christmas baking and use these kids Christmas craft ideas as boxes for wrapping

Looking for interesting kids Christmas craft ideas? These no longer have to be everyday pictures hanging on the fridge. These easy kids Christmas craft ideas are used as gift boxes for your holiday baking. Forego the standard metal tins and paper bags for these boxes. Personalized, creative, and excellent Christmas crafts for kids.

Entertain your kids and give your friends yummy treats in unique gift-wrap by making these Christmas arts and crafts for kids.

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Crafts for Kids are Easy and Fun!

Make these crafts for kids mini wreaths to hang from your tree

These mini wreaths make excellent Christmas crafts for kids and they are inexpensive to make. A few supplies go a long way. In fact, if you have old puzzles on hand that are missing pieces, use them to create free Christmas crafts for kids. One puzzle can make a dozen wreaths!

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Did You Know Christmas Tree Skirts Make Great Crafts for Kids?

Turn the old, drab classics into memorable and easy crafts for kids

These easy Christmas crafts for kids are exactly what you need this holiday season. Depending on the age of your kid(s), you might be able to hand the entire project over to them while you go about your gift-wrapping and tree trimming. Otherwise, your help might be required for the first half of the project. Beyond that, let them have their fun!

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Kids Christmas Crafts in 7 Simple Steps

Create fun kids Christmas crafts this season out of an old craft favorite – the popsicle stick

Kids Christmas crafts start with the basics – the popsicle stick – and turns into a Santa ornament with 7 simple steps. This Santa makes a great addition to the Christmas tree, while also being a fun endeavor for your kids. They will be entertained for an hour – painting, gluing, and assembling – and will be thrilled with the finished product.

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Jingle Your Way Through the Holidays with These Christmas Ornaments Crafts

Snowmen are all the rage this holiday season with adorable Christmas ornaments crafts

Christmas ornaments crafts are among my favorite crafts since they are great gifts, gift tag embellishments or just for my tree. This jingle bell snowman idea is a wonderful kids Christmas ornaments craft. Just follow the 7 easy steps to have your own collection of snowmen ornaments for your tree this year.

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Frosty is Making an Appearance This Christmas with These Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

Entertain your kids and decorate your tree with these snowmen kids Christmas crafts

They’re cute, small, and easy to make. These felt snowmen ornaments make wonderfully easy kids Christmas crafts. They are inexpensive, fun to make, and different from every other snowman ornament out there. Since they are so simple, let your kids help with every step — including the trip to the crafts store. They will enjoy picking out their own fabric and colors for their snowman ornament.

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Occupy Your Kids This Season With These Kids Christmas Projects

Looking for Christmas projects for your kids? Look no further

You’re busy planning the holiday travel, wrapping gifts, and baking seasonal goodies. So…let your kids have Christmas projects of their own that will keep them busy and let them feel included in this year’s plans. This craft is simple, and cool. They’ll enjoy the ease of putting it together, as well as the final product. To start, head to your local craft store and look for any Creatology kids Christmas projects.

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Pre-Cut Foam Kits Make Wonderful Crafts for Kids

These crafts for kids are easy, inexpensive, and very cute to have around the house

Looking for fresh and fun crafts for kids this holiday season? Tired of popsicle sticks and glitter? Look no further. These pre-cut foam kits are so cute that you will edge your way between the kids to build your own foam craft. Creatology designed Christmas crafts for kids to make at home, school, or at holiday parties. They are simple and very cute.

I found a number of different Christmas craft kits at my local craft store. I picked up a Christmas house kit and assembled it in 20 minutes. Your kids could turn this into an hour-long project if you need to occupy them for a while. Or watch your older kids pull it together in less than half an hour. Collect multiple kits to build your own foam village. These easy Christmas crafts for kids have you running back to the craft store to pick up more.

Let me start by walking you through the Christmas house. Remember, these houses are Christmas craft ideas for kids. You can work off of my suggestion and search for your own foam kit. Spark your own Christmas creativity here!


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Kids Christmas Crafts for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Make decorations for your family’s Christmas tree with these kids Christmas crafts

A Christmas tree serves not only as a tree — it’s the display case for your kids Christmas crafts this year! These papier mache ornaments are easy kids Christmas crafts that your children will enjoy and you will find yourself squeezing in between them to decorate. They are one-of-a-kind ornaments that each person individualizes to suit her own taste.

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