Looking for a Fresh Take on Your Christmas Crafts to Sell? Look No Further

These Christmas crafts to sell are fun, custom, and perfect for any craft booth this year

In looking for easy Christmas crafts to decorate my home, I came across the idea to make my own mini trees. A friend saw my work and suggested I use these trees as Christmas crafts to sell to a local store that would market and sell them for me. I am not in the business to create that many trees this year, but maybe you are. These will be a huge hit at any craft fair or Christmas bazaar, so be sure to stock up and make as many as you can!

Mini trees

What’s Christmas without a tree? These mini trees are adorable and so fun to decorate. They’re also inexpensive and oftentimes on sale this time of year. Make a few for that craft booth you’re working this season and see what I mean about them being a huge hit. You’ll be running back to the craft store after Christmas to stock up on the left over mini trees that will most likely be even less expensive than they were before Christmas!

For now, start with one for your home and when you love it, make more to sell this season. Use the suggestions below to generate ideas for various people and professionals interested in themed trees.


— Mini 1.5 foot Christmas tree

— Plain, ball ornaments

— Wired ribbon

— Craft wire

— Scissors

— Tree topper


— For the traditionalist: mini candy canes, bells, poinsettias, glass icicles

— For the animal lover: animal ornaments, animal print ribbon, mini raw hides

— For the teacher: small chalkboards, ruler print ribbon, themed ornaments

— For the sports enthusiast: ball ornaments, black & white striped referee ribbon

— For the cowboy: mini bandana bows, thin rope for ribbon, rustic ornaments

— For the cook: mini kitchen utensils like whisks, spoons, spatulas

— For the chic diva: hot pink ribbon, feathers, mini cosmetic ornaments, mini shoe ornaments

— For the coffee lover: mini Starbucks ornaments (purchased in store or online), cinnamon sticks, small glass ornaments filled with coffee beans



1. Start by fluffing your tree to make sure all the wire branches are horizontal and full.

2. Begin decorating the tree with the basics — the plain ornament. Cut a 2-inch piece of the craft wire. Thread it through the ornament’s top and wrap around a branch of your choice (as close to the trunk of the tree as possible). Twist the wire ends together and bend it so no sharp ends are sticking out. Repeat until you have as many basics as you’d like. Hint: I used 6 plain ornament balls on my tree.

3. Starting at the top of the tree, unroll the ribbon and bend it as you go to create a cascading effect. Cut it at the appropriate length. Repeat for a total of 3 strips of ribbon (will measure about 2 feet per strip). Use your craft wire to tie the end of the ribbon to the top of the tree, as well as under the bottom branches. Once again, be sure to twist and bend your wire so that no sharp ends are exposed.

4. Once you have your ribbon in place, decorate around it with your embellishments. Use your craft wire to attach each item to the tree so that it does not bounce or budge. You want it to seem glued, without actually having to make a mess with the glue.

5. Finish your tree with the topper. Depending on the topper you chose (angel, star, flower, bow, etc.) you will attach it according to that topper’s style. I chose a poinsettia for my topper. I cut the stem off the flower, stuck it as far into the tree as I could, and wired it to the top branch.

Do you love your mini tree? These are wonderfully easy Christmas crafts to sell. Don’t purchase pre-made crafts anymore when you can save money by making your own. These mini trees are great Christmas crafts to make and sell. Enjoy!