Elegant and Easy To Make Christmas Craft Decorations for Your Home

These sparkly trees turn Christmas craft decorations into a project anyone will enjoy

Christmas craft decorations should be fun for everyone. With these sparkly trees, all hands are on deck to build your next family favorite. The use of crafts for Christmas decorations is a way to bring your kids together during those hectic weeks of school, activities, and work. Let this Christmas craft decoration do just that for you.

Clear off an open area of floor, table, or patio pavement and round up the kids for a fun time with beads, glue, and ribbon.

Silver beaded Christmas tree

You’ve probably seen the fancy, wire beaded Christmas trees in stores around the holidays. Some of those are upward of $50! Make these Christmas craft decorations in your own home, with the love of your family, for less than $10. Think twice before buying from the shelves after you discover the joys of using crafts for Christmas decorations around your house.

Create a number of trees to spread through your house or group together for a forest of glittery trees. Purchase any size styrofoam cone, or a multitude of sizes, and the desired color and size of beads to cover it in. Now you are on your way to creating Christmas crafts and decorations with your whole family.

Supplies for your tree:

— Styrofoam cone of any size

— Styrofoam glue (holds better than regular squeeze glue)

— Large, inexpensive paintbrush (will dispose of after)

— Beads

— Ribbon

— Glue gun and melting sticks

(I will be working with a 12-inch cone and small white and silver glass beads. If you choose colored beads, you might consider painting your cone to hide areas that beads do not cover.)

Build your beaded tree:

1. Spread a trash bag or large plastic sheet on a flat surface. Open bead packages and pour beads on plastic cover. Spread into a flat layer of beads.

2. Squeeze a liberal amount of glue onto the cone, starting at the top and working in sections around and down the cone as you go. (This means the top of your tree will be complete before you move down the tree). Spread the glue with your paintbrush over your desired section.

3. Roll the glue-covered section through the layer of beads. Roll back and forth to ensure beads touch every surface of the glued section. Continue this process until you cover the entire cone with beads.

4. Allow your beaded tree to dry for an hour or until the glue is firm.

5. Tie a bow with the ribbon you chose and allow the ends to cascade down the tree. Allow enough length to hang past the end of the tree. Gather your ribbon at two points on the way down the tree, and fix with hot glue.

For a casual, fun look, place your beaded trees on a bed of fake snow. To dress-up a holiday table, put your beaded tree on a silver platter, surrounded with small, ball ornaments of the same color. I have chosen to put my silver and white tree on a platter that matches my china, surrounded with sprigs of silver branches.

Your kids will be proud of the fancy tree they helped to create, and you will be happy to display your Christmas craft decorations for your guests to admire. Enjoy!