These Unique Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Kids Add a Custom Touch to Your Christmas Tree

Turn Christmas ornaments crafts for kids into your favorite tree accessories

At one time in your life a teacher probably told you, “think outside the box.” With these Christmas ornaments crafts for kids, it’s more fun and original to think inside the box! You can paint the outside of these ornaments, or use these Christmas ornament craft ideas and have a one-of-a-kind ornament hanging from your tree.

Use these simple-step directions for fun kids Christmas ornament crafts that will allow you and your kids the creativity you crave!

What you will need for all of your ornaments:

— Do-it-yourself glass ornaments (mine came in a 4-pack)

— Shiny, shredded gift-wrap filler

— Acrylic paint

— Glue stick

— Loose glitter

— Glitter paint

Gift-wrap filled Christmas ornament craft

The filled ornament is the simplest of the glass Christmas ornaments crafts. Gently remove the silver top from the ornament and begin filling your ornament with the shredded gift-wrap. Fill it as full or as loose as you would like. Place the top back on the ornament and you are done! Now for your next ornament…


Glitter Christmas ornament craft

Smooth your glue stick over the ornament in the design of your choosing. Roll the ornament through the glitter or sprinkle the glitter over the glue-coated area. If you are wary of loose glitter, like so many moms out there, check into glitter paint. Your kids can get creative without the mess of loose glitter. Now onto your last ornament…


Painted Christmas ornament craft

This is my personal favorite of all three ornaments. If you are a fan of decorative glass, then this Christmas craft ornament is for you! Choose your favorite acrylic paint colors and remove the top to your glass ornament. Drip your paint gently down the opening of the ornament. Swirl, twist, or leave your ornament still for the paint to drip. Use your creativity to achieve your desired design.

— Note: Very little paint goes a long way. Too much paint will pool in the ornament and stay liquid for days. Be patient with your ornaments. They will take hours to dry.

If you like the drip-effect of multiple colors, squeeze one color into the ornament, turn a slight bit and squeeze another color. Leave a little space between colors and after you have come full-circle with your colors, turn the ornament upside down on a surface that will allow it to drip from the ornament (avoiding the pool of paint).


Be sure to display your creations proudly! You and your kids will enjoy sharing this Christmas ornament craft with others. Host a child’s party to create these Christmas ornaments crafts for kids for the holidays or let your kids make these as gifts for teachers and friends.