Make A Christmas Craft: Advent Calendar

A simple way to create your own Advent calendar

Kids of all ages love the traditional Advent calendar. Counting down the days to Christmas is something we all love to do. Adults and kids alike can have a great time making this easy Christmas craft.

There are dozens of options with a simple craft like this. One thing I love to do is have the kids work together to make Advent calendars for one another. In my family, each child takes a special trip to the discount store to buy candies, treats, and tiny toys they think their sibling might like. Then we work together to create calendars for one another and hide the toys inside. It’s a tiny gift from brother or sister every day of December.

However you choose to use your Advent calendar, you’re sure to enjoy making it. Enjoy this fun Christmas craft with children of all ages.

A classic and fun Christmas craft

What You’ll Need:

-Toilet paper or paper towel rolls cut into 24 ‘loops’ of 2-3 inches each
-Green poster board
-Green paint
-Craft glue
-White ‘snow’ type stuffing or fuzz (optional)
-Extra poster board for making covers (also optional)
-Other decorative materials

How to Make Your Advent Calendar:

1. Paint the loops green.

2. Shape the 24 loops into a Christmas tree on the green poster board. Carefully glue them in place and allow them to dry thoroughly.

3. Either cut out the poster board around the loops to form a Christmas tree or decorate the poster board in the background.

4. Stuff the tubes with toys and candies as you see fit.

How to keep the gift a surprise:

-Stuff the tubes with cotton ‘snow’

-Wrap tin foil around the edges of the tubes

-Trace around the circles on poster board and cut out the circles. Write the numbers 1 through 24 on the circles and attach them to the tree. You can do this however you want, but the easiest way is to punch holes in each circle and on the top of the tubes, then tie them together with ribbon. They can either pull them off on each day or just reach behind them to get the gift.

With all of these options, don’t feel like you have to do everything on this list. This Advent calendar is a really great craft to personalize and do however you like. Kids will really enjoy pouring glitter and stickers all over their craft, while older kids might enjoy helping younger siblings with the decorating and choosing gifts for the family.

The great thing about Christmas crafts is how easily you can make them your own. These calendars are no exception. Have a great time, and you’ll have Advent calendars that are special to everyone for years to come.