Make a homey Christmas with these special Christmas tree decorations!

Combine toothpicks and old Christmas cards with a little patience to create homemade Christmas tree decorations!

These Christmas tree decorations require a steady hand and a bit of patience, but the end result is well worth the effort. And in spite of that, they really are quite simple. It’s just that little hands might need a bit of assistance to finish up!


-Round toothpicks
-Old Christmas cards
-Shiny string for hanging (optional)
-White glue

Make It!

These Christmas tree decorations give you the perfect excuse to sort through all those old Christmas cards — you know, the ones your Great Aunt Susan sent ten years ago that don’t serve any purpose but are too nice to be thrown away! It can actually turn into quite the family event, sorting through old cards and old memories.

If you can tear yourself away from reading old messages, find a set of pictures you like. They might be bound by a theme (nativity, Santa Claus, etc.) or completely random — whatever you like.

Once you have your pictures, draw a square measuring 2 1/4 inches on each side. Make sure you frame your favorite part of the card. Cut out the square and lay it on a flat working surface.

This is the part that takes some patience. To make your Christmas tree decorations, you’re going to frame the picture with toothpicks! Use 2-3 on each side. Glue them down, starting with opposite sides (either top and bottom or left and right) and give them some time to dry. This is when you can create a real assembly line: by the time you’re done cutting out five or six more ornaments, the first one will be ready for more glue.

Next, glue toothpicks on the two sides you haven’t finished. They will sit above the surface of the card, so you’ll actually have to glue them to the “frame.” Once they’ve had a chance to dry, make a roof out of another set of toothpicks, gluing them to the top of the frame and each other.

Let these Christmas tree decorations dry completely before you try to hang them anywhere, or you could wind up with a real mess!

You can tie a piece of shiny cord through the roof, or just hang the pictures directly on the tree. If you get really creative, try painting the toothpicks, gluing tiny ribbons and bows at the corners, or anything else you come up with to make these Christmas tree decorations unique!