Make Christmas Crafts Out of Your Ribbon Scraps

Make Christmas crafts ribbon trees that you will love

Do you enjoy Christmas so much that you see Christmas crafts in every item around the house? I do! That’s why I came up with the idea of the ribbon Christmas tree. Make Christmas crafts from your excess holiday ribbon and a few other small craft items. Let this be one of many Christmas trees that you create during the next month!

Ribbon Christmas tree

I have previously posted a homemade, beaded Christmas tree craft. This ribbon Christmas tree will look fabulous sitting in a grouping of beaded trees on your table or your mantle. Enjoy making Christmas crafts that reflect your own taste. This is one of those crafts that is versatile and built on personal tastes.


— Wire ribbon of various widths and colors

— Pearl head straight pins

— 1 Styrofoam cone

— Spray paint

— Scissors



1. Begin your holiday tree by spray-painting it with the color that matches your ribbon. I used purple and red ribbon on my tree, so my tree is sprayed with purple spray paint. Allow the paint time to dry.

2. Measure and cut your ribbon in strips of the same length. Mine were about 1.5 inches in length. You will need dozens of strips, so take the time to cut them before you begin adding them to your tree.

3. Starting at the bottom of your tree and working your way upward, pin your ribbons at the top of each strip. Place 1 pearl pushpin at each corner of your ribbons, overlapping each strip so that for every 2 strips of ribbon, you have used 3 pins. The pins will push easily into the Styrofoam. Work your way around the base, letting the ends of each strip of ribbon cover the row below it.

4. Once you have completely covered your tree with ribbon and pinned them into place (being careful not to push the pins straight through the tree towards the top), start at the top and curl the ends of each ribbon upward so that they flip outward like tree branches.

5. After your ribbon-covered-cone looks like a tree, tie a bow and place it on top of your tree.

Voila! You are done.

Make crafts for Christmas by re-creating these trees in various colors and styles of ribbon until you have a forest of ribbon Christmas trees. Enjoy your tree and check back for more tree designs to help you make Christmas crafts this holiday season!