Make Christmas Crafts That Look and Smell Delicious

These are so simple, you will want to make Christmas crafts all season!

Make Christmas crafts that are simple, inexpensive, and festive for the holiday season. Turn boring, drab candles into delicious treats that look and smell fantastic. These cinnamon stick candles are quick and easy. The novice crafter will love creating these basic Christmas crafts.

Cinnamon stick candles

Making Christmas crafts is a great way to kick of the festive mood for the holidays. Make crafts for Christmas that are classic and can withstand the test of time. These candles are just that. The simple ingredients of this craft will look great for years to come.

To begin your craft, pick up the supplies below. Put on a pot of seasonal coffee and bring out the ginger snaps. Enjoy your crafting!


— Pillar candles

— Cinnamon sticks

— Ribbon

— Holiday embellishment

— Glue gun & glue sticks

— Scissors



1. After you have all of your supplies, prepare your candles by removing any stickers or wrappers. Heat your glue gun and you’re ready to begin.

2. Place one dollop of glue on each cinnamon stick. As you place the glue on the cinnamon stick, glue each one to the candle (vertically). Place each stick close together and completely surround your candle.

If you wish to use a candle you can enjoy year-round, don’t glue the cinnamon sticks to the candle. Simply line them up in a circle around the candle and fasten them by wrapping the ribbon (next step) tightly around the entire candle.

3. Wrap your ribbon tightly around the candle, centered on the cinnamon sticks. If you are permanently decorating this candle, cut the ribbon and use your hot glue to glue the ribbon ends together to the candle. If you wish to temporarily alter your candle for the holidays, tie the two ends tightly together so that there is no room for the cinnamon sticks to slide out.

4. Finish your candle by gluing your holiday embellishment over the ends of the ribbon. This will hide your glued or tied area and give the candle a polished look.

To display your cinnamon stick candles, place them on a candle platter and surround them with peppermints. This is an adorable centerpiece or mantle decoration. The smell, alone, will create the perfect, warmth of the holiday season that you desire. Use these Christmas crafts to make your house festive and bright throughout December.

Make Christmas crafts like these to help brighten up your home and enjoy the holidays!