Handmade Christmas Ornaments Will Nicely Adorn Your Tree

Snowman Handmade Christmas ornaments in less than 10 minutes

Enjoy making a set of handmade Christmas ornaments for your tree this year. These snowmen, handmade Christmas ornaments simply make you happy, so much that you’ll not only make an individual ornament, but create an entire set. Simple and easy enough for kids to make, and fun enough to entertain adults.

Snowman Christmas ornament

Snowmen make fun, festive decorations for your home during the holidays. Hundreds of creative snowmen decorate the halls this season. This ornament is one of my favorites! Extremely simple, but cute. Instead of taking the classic 3 ball snowman, I simplified it to this 1 ball snowman — just his head!

I also think this basic idea applies well to other festive ornaments. Use this guide to spark your imagination and create simple Christmas ornaments of your own. I recommend making Santa, reindeer, or elf ornament balls. You can use a variety of ornament ball colors with these variations, and your tree will look fabulous. If kids make these ornaments, make it fun for them by adding felt, googly eyes, and other craft items to the ornament balls as embellishment.


— Frosted white ball ornaments

— Green or red pon pons

— Green or red shimmery pipe cleaner

— Orange felt

— Small black pon pons or black acrylic paint

— Craft glue or glue gun with glue sticks

— Scissors


1. Begin the snowman ornament by gluing 1 red or green pon pon on either side of his “head” for earmuffs. Stretching over his head between each earmuff, measure your pipe cleaner. Cut it to the appropriate length and glue in place. This connects the ear covers. Run this pipe cleaner in front of the top of the ornament so that it’s not hidden behind the silver hook.

2. If using the small black pon pons, glue his eyes and mouth into place to resemble coal. If using acrylic plaint, use a small brush to dot black circles for his mouth and eyes.

3. From your orange felt, cut a small carrot-shaped nose. Place the nose about a quarter to half inch below the eyes, centered on the face. Glue the nose in place.

This handmade Christmas ornament is easy and quick to make. Make