Make Free Christmas Crafts from Paper Towel Tubes

These Free Christmas Crafts are a Delight for Both the Crafter and the Recipient

If you’re tired of spending more on craft supplies than you would on a gift, these free Christmas crafts are for you. They cost almost nothing to make, especially if you produce them bulk for a group. Use toilet paper tubes instead of paper towel tubes and you could even do your child’s entire class.

The idea is to make a small tube full of gifts — sort of like a Christmas cracker, but personalized for each person. You can also include an individual message for the recipient. The fun thing about free Christmas crafts is that, with no pricey materials to worry about, you can mess around and experiment as much as you like!

What You’ll Need

— one paper towel tube (or toilet paper tube) for every craft
— a piece of paper — make it as wide as you like, but no longer than the tube
— crayons, markers, paints, stickers, etc.
— wrapping paper
— tape
— ribbons
— small discount store type gifts: mini Christmas erasers, candies, confetti, etc.

What To Do

On the paper, give your child free reign to communicate a special message. Simply write Thank You, Merry Christmas, or I miss you — whatever you like. Decorate to your heart’s content. Encourage your children to get really creative. You might even break out the paints!

Once your child has beautifully adorned the paper, carefully roll it up and slip it inside the tube. With the “lining” in place, cut a piece of wrapping paper and carefully tape it over the bottom of the tube so nothing can slip out. Fill the tube with small gifts, confetti, and candy.
Your kids can probably do most of that themselves, but now it’s time for you to shine.

Finish off your (almost) free Christmas crafts by wrapping each tube in Christmas paper. Twist the edges to make them look like candy wrappers and tie them in place with ribbons.
If you’ve made several, this would also be a good time to attach a gift tag so you don’t forget whose is whose. Alternatively, you could keep the notes generic (“merry Christmas” instead of “merry Christmas Grandma”), which makes the craft even easier because it doesn’t matter who gets which one.

Quick, easy, and fun, these free Christmas crafts are about as simple and delightful a gift as you can make.