Mosaic Crafts Are So Easy to Make

Using broken Christmas bulbs for mosaic crafts

Mosaic crafts are a trend that is in! What’s wonderful is mosaic crafts are really easy to make. There is no need to spend a fortune on mosaic decor when you can make your own mosaic crafts.

Krafty Kris recycles broken Christmas ornaments…

Mosaic art is usually made from bits of glass or tile which are put together to make abstract designs. Stained glass mosaics and tiled walls are examples of mosaic art.

Mosaic crafts use the mosaic art concept to create inexpensive decorating items that are wonderful Christmas gifts.

I used to throw away broken Christmas bulbs and fret over losing them. Now when we are decorating the Christmas tree and one of the little ones drops a bulb on the tile or squeezes it a little too tight, that’s no problem.

We sweep up the pieces and save them for our mosaic crafts.

Using the bits and pieces from the broken bulbs to make mosaic crafts is just a great idea. Sometimes we use them to decorate photo frames. We’ve also used them to make mosaic crafts like vases, candle holders and mosaic craft-style birdhouses.

To make mosaic crafts you can glue the bits and pieces of glass from the broken Christmas bulbs on whatever item you are decorating leaving a bit of space between each piece. Then, using puffy craft paint, you can outline the pieces and fill in the little spaces. The end result, mosaic crafts that are ready to be wrapped up for gift giving!

If you want to make mosaic crafts but you don’t have any broken Christmas bulbs, you can use any type of broken glass or even broken mirrors. A mixture of colors is always nice, nothing has to match when you are making mosaic crafts.