Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Decorations

6 fabulous money saving tips for Thanksgiving decorations

Many people don’t use Thanksgiving decorations because the holiday is so close to Christmas they just don’t want to spend the money. It is sad that so many forego Thanksgiving decorations because of tight holiday budgets. The good news is, Thanksgiving decorations don’t have to be expensive.

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Christian Crafts for Christmas Gifts

Cross in your pocket Christian crafts

Christian crafts are good anytime, but are really nice to make during the Christmas holidays. Christian crafts can be used for inspiration, for gift giving, or for church groups’ fundraisers.

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Bible Crafts for Christmas

Bible crafts and hymnbook angels

Bible crafts aren’t necessarily made from Bibles. In fact, some people would be offended by making Bibles into craft projects. Rather, Bible crafts is a term generally used to describe Christian crafts or crafts that are biblical in nature.

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Pumpkin Carving Fun for the Whole Family

5 steps to pumpkin carving fun!

Since Halloween is coming up in a few days, I thought I’d share some tips about pumkin carving — since so many of you are probably thinking about pumpkins right now…

Pumpkin carving is something that kids really look forward to. While pumpkin carving can be kind of messy and a bit of a burden at times, it is really an activities that families can have loads of fun with.

Krafty Kris’s tips for making pumpkin carving fun…

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Snowflake Ornaments and Throw Pillows for Christmas Decorating

All kids love to make unique snowflake ornaments

Snowflake ornaments are a favorite among children. There are many ways to make snowflake ornaments so anyone can do it. Snowflake ornaments can be fancy or childlike and they are adorable just the same.

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Simple and Fun to Make Preschool Crafts

5 easy preschool crafts little kids love to make

Preschool crafts can be made from just about anything. You don’t have to spend a fortune on preschool crafts. Young children love to create so that makes preschool crafts incredibly easy.

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Personalized Christmas Ornaments are Special

5 spectacular ideas for making personalized Christmas ornaments yourself

Personalized Christmas ornaments are a favorite among adults and kids alike. Making personalized Christmas ornaments can be as easy as putting someone’s name on an ornament, or using photographs in family Christmas ornaments.

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Simple Christmas Paper Crafts

Paper crafts kids can make to decorate the Christmas tree

Paper crafts are always a lot of fun for kids. The really great thing about paper crafts is that they are cheap to make and there is no limit to the creative nature that can be sparked with paper crafts.

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Native American Crafts for Christmas

Painted gourds for Native American crafts and Christmas decorations

Native American crafts are so artistic yet sometimes simple. Some Native American crafts, like sand paintings and woven rugs, seem incredibly complex to make and undoubtedly require some special talent and skill. Then there are really simple Native American crafts that anyone can make.

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Stuffed Animal Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts made easy!

Christmas crafts that are quick and easy to make are great if you are making your own Christmas gifts. Stuffed animals that you pick up from sales or even yard sales, can be used to make adorable Christmas crafts.

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