Christmas Card Ideas for Kids

Run out of Christmas Card Ideas? Check out these super cute crafts

At this time of year, we’re all looking for Christmas card ideas. This is especially true if you like to do crafts with younger children. There’s nothing quite like a homemade Christmas card to give to Mom or Dad, or to send off to Grandma and Grandpa, or your favorite aunts and uncles.

Unfortunately, while still cute, our very youngest kids tend to make indecipherable cards with scrawls of crayons we have to label as trees and presents. Of course, this type of card has its place. But sometimes you want Christmas card ideas that double as crafts for children of various ages, or you may want something that looks a bit more impressive.

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Make A Christmas Craft: Advent Calendar

A simple way to create your own Advent calendar

Kids of all ages love the traditional Advent calendar. Counting down the days to Christmas is something we all love to do. Adults and kids alike can have a great time making this easy Christmas craft.

There are dozens of options with a simple craft like this. One thing I love to do is have the kids work together to make Advent calendars for one another. In my family, each child takes a special trip to the discount store to buy candies, treats, and tiny toys they think their sibling might like. Then we work together to create calendars for one another and hide the toys inside. It’s a tiny gift from brother or sister every day of December.

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Preschool Christmas Crafts You Can Finish in Ten Minutes

Quick, easy preschool Christmas crafts

Preschool Christmas crafts can be difficult to find. Sometimes the people who write so-called easy Christmas crafts forget that small children have limited hand-eye coordination. Tasks that are long, drawn out, or overly complicated not only frustrate preschoolers, but — if they are using scissors, for example — create the possibility of them getting hurt.

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Easy Christmas Crafts to Make This Holiday Season

Get in the holiday spirit with easy Christmas crafts

There are tons of easy Christmas crafts that look, if not professional, at least pretty impressive. If you’re a busy person with a family and a job — and most of us are these days — you probably don’t have hours to sit around baking and crafting for the holiday season. But you still want to have that memory-making pleasure of creating something and enjoying the holidays.

Fortunately, not all easy Christmas crafts involve simple popscicle sticks and glitter (although on a side note, you’d be amazed what you can make from the simplest materials). You can make something fun and exciting that doesn’t take longer than half an hour while you listen to your favorite Christmas carols. And if you decide to make these holiday soaps I’m about to tell you about, you’ll have the perfect easy Christmas craft to use as gifts, decorations, and so much more.

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Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts

How to make simple but gorgeous Christmas ornament crafts

Christmas ornament crafts can sometimes get complicated. These beaded trees are actually very easy to make once you get the hang of them. I can do a whole batch sitting in front of the TV, and they’re great for so much more than just hanging on a mini Christmas tree. They work well as gift adornments, Christmas jewelry, charms, and so much more… these really are my go-to craft of the season.

The instructions are a little bit complicated, but again, the craft itself couldn’t be easier. Just string your beads and feed the line back through each section — after practicing the first few times, you’ll barely have to look anymore. Your hands will know what to do.

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Enjoy Making these Edible Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are a yummy treat

I love giving thoughtful homemade Christmas gifts to friends and neighbors. Every Christmas, I make plates of cookies and chocolates to give out to send some holiday cheer. This year, these two simple treats will make their way onto the trays. Sometimes when you are in a rush and you need something quick, chocolate mint truffles and chocolate covered pretzels are easy to make and delicious treats.

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Creative Ways to Use Crafts for Kids

Inexpensive crafts for kids that make great ways to wrap presents

As Christmas fast approaches, put the kids to good use by having them create these crafts for kids that transform a plain roll of butcher-block paper into festive and personal Christmas wrapping paper. We are nearing that time of year when the kids are super excited for Christmas and we need time to finish all of our Christmas plans. Everyone can help out on this one! One of the last things I tend to think about is how to wrap all the presents we give to family and friends.

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Christmas Crafts for the Home

Christmas crafts decorate your home all season long

I love making Christmas crafts, especially ones that provide me with something I want to preserve and make more of! I was able to transform a simple 18-inch tall plain fake Christmas tree into a beautiful dried floral Christmas tree craft to display in my front entryway.

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Easy Kids Craft Ideas Unleash their Creativity

Fun kids craft ideas with simple supplies

At Christmastime, I’m always looking for kids craft ideas. The kids so eagerly await the arrival of Santa it can be hard to focus all that energy. Let them unleash their creativity with great Christmas arts and crafts for kids that you can treasure for years to come. With simple craft supplies, this can keep the kids busy for hours.

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Crafty Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Simple Christmas tree decorating ideas that have a big impact

Every Christmas, I love unpacking all the decorations that we have made over the years. We love to see the crafts that we have tried over the years– some have been not so successful, but never fail to bring a smile to our faces anyway. There is one of my favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas that my kids love unpacking year after year– the long garland I made out of Christmas patterned fabrics.

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