Yummy Crafts for Kids

Christmas crafts for kids to enjoy making as much as they enjoy eating

There is something about Christmas that calls for crafts and food. Why not combine the two and create exciting crafts for kids? Your kids will love spending time in the kitchen with you to create these easy Christmas crafts for kids. I made these stained glass candies with my mom every Christmas, starting when I was 4-years-old. Since then, I’ve made them a tradition of my own.

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Christmas Craft Ideas for Making Small Display Trees

Christmas craft ideas for adorning papier-mache trees

These Christmas craft ideas start with humble supplies and create a great end product. This project requires few supplies, but with some time and patience, can create a great display tree.

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Use this Christmas Craft for Decorating a Holiday Tabletop

Simple Christmas craft idea using items from the drugstore

Here’s a simple but impressive Christmas craft idea you can use for a holiday tabletop. I know sometimes it is hard to have fresh flowers or arrangements in the house, but using different holiday candies allows for the visual impact without the maintenance. This is a great and festive idea for any table or shelf. All it takes is a trip to the drugstore or dollar store.

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Easy Christmas Crafts to Use Throughout your House

Easy Christmas crafts using three simple steps

I always love using easy Christmas crafts to decorate around the house. This year use words of the season to decorate the mantle and shelves. Just a few simple tools can transform craft store letters into a great Christmas decoration. This is one of those easy crafts that doesn’t take a lot of time or money. You probably have most of the items on hand.

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Felt Crafts Transform Simple Ideas Into Something Special

Felt crafts for Christmas decorating

I receive several Christmas catalogues around this time of year and there are always varieties of ideas that use felt crafts. While some are extraordinarily detailed, others are simple forms that you can use creatively to make something special. By using some simple cookie cutters or templates found online, cut shapes out of felt and use them for wrapping presents, making ornaments, or creating a garland.

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Use These Christmas Ornaments Crafts to Decorate Your Tree This Season

Ideas for Christmas ornaments crafts using papier-mâché ornaments from the craft store

If you’re a crafter like me, you’re ready to get started on some Christmas ornaments crafts. For this idea, I bought some papier-mâché ornaments from the craft store – all of the other materials I already owned. Let your imagination run wild with this one – I thought of several ways to decorate these great inexpensive ornaments.

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Kids Christmas Crafts to Make for Rudolph

Simple and magical kids Christmas crafts

Christmas is such a magical time for kids and I am always looking for easy kids Christmas crafts. Sometimes it’s the simple things that the kids will remember the most as they get older, and these recipes are an easy and fun way to add some holiday cheer. Every year we leave the same old plate of cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer – but this year, we are leaving out some reindeer food instead.

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Simple Steps to Easy Christmas Crafts You Will Love

Let it snow with these easy Christmas crafts

There is something about a snowman that warms the heart for the Christmas season. Use this adorable snowman for easy Christmas crafts to decorate your home. In just a few simple steps, you will have yourself a fabulous snowman Christmas decoration to hang on your door. He is inviting and cute, but looks professionally made. Make many of these and give your Christmas projects to your neighbors and friends.

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Simple and Beautiful Christmas Ornaments to Make

Creative ideas for Christmas ornaments to make

It seems like every year I am looking for new Christmas ornaments to make. I don’t really want them to be too difficult, but I do want them to be beautiful. I was shopping recently at a local store and came across a package of unfinished chip art shapes. Chip art is similar to cardboard, but it comes in beautiful shapes.

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Fall Thanksgiving Crafts to Use on Your Table

Easy fall Thanksgiving crafts ideas using simple supplies

As the time draws closer to the holiday season, these fall Thanksgiving crafts are simple solutions for decorating your table. I love using natural materials in my crafts. And for these ideas, use them over and over (or add some yummy treats instead). Just a few simple materials and create a custom-made table for your guests this year.

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