Decorating your Table with Repurposed Thanksgiving Crafts Centerpiece

Reuse your vases and candleholders for this Thanksgiving crafts centerpiece

Dust off those unused glass vases and candle holders and transform them into a great Thanksgiving crafts centerpiece. I know all of us have several old glass vases or candle holders that you hold onto because you know you’ll find a purpose for them at some point. Well, this is a great idea for reusing them in a fresh way that will work for your Thanksgiving table decoration this year.

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Yummy Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

Here are edible Christmas crafts for kids that they’ll enjoy making as much as they enjoy eating

There is something about Christmas that calls for crafts and food, so why not combine the two for yummy edible Christmas crafts for kids. Your kids will love spending time in the kitchen with you to create these easy Christmas crafts for kids. I made these stained glass candies with my mom every Christmas, starting when I was 4-years-old. Since then, I’ve made them a tradition of my own.

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Use these Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Decorate Your Home

Festive and Colorful Paper Flags Make For Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

I am always looking for new and creative easy Christmas crafts for kids to make each year. And this year, I’ll be adorning my windows with festive paper flags. There are so many creative ways you can transform these simple flags into something special. The basic supplies are things you most likely already have on hand, and embellish them with any other supplies you choose.

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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Can Use Year after Year

Thoughtful and creative Thanksgiving craft ideas

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I love because Thanksgiving craft ideas come from the heart. If you share your holiday with family, friends, or neighbors, it’s always nice to add thoughtful touches to your holiday table. Leaf posies, pinecone turkeys and beautiful leaf place cards grace your table with color and signs of the harvest.

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Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids of all Ages

Enjoy these Christmas craft ideas for kids in a few simple steps

Kick off the holiday season with homemade sugar cookies, steamed milk, and Christmas craft ideas for kids! It may only be fall, but the holidays will sneak up on us. Before you know it, Christmas will be here and you will be rushing to create your seasonal crafts. Give the kids something to do with these Christmas crafts for preschoolers, elementary kids, and even older kids who just love the holidays.

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Christmas Projects You Can Use for Gift Giving and Decorating

Handmade potpourri makes for easy Christmas projects that look and smell great

The stores are already filling for Christmas, and I am ready to get going on some great Christmas projects. Now is the perfect time to get started. While on one of your nature walks, gather some key ingredients and make this easy potpourri.

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Use These Halloween Crafts For Kids to Decorate Your Chandelier

Use these Halloween craft for kids ideas to turn your chandelier into a spooky spider web

Use these Halloween crafts for kids to transform your chandelier into a spooky display piece. My kids are at the age where they want Halloween to be scary, but not too scary. So with simple Halloween decorations, transform your house without spending too much money.

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Fall Wreath Craft for Your Door or Mantle

A homemade fall wreath craft that looks professional

After shopping for fall crafts at my local crafts store, I came to the realization that the price was more than I wanted to spend for a seasonal decoration. That is when I came up with this fall wreath craft. It looks professional, and comes in at half the cost of the store bought wreath.

This wreath works through October and November, extending from fall crafts to Thanksgiving crafts.

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6 Steps to Original Christmas Ornament Crafts

Christmas ornament crafts that will light up your tree

Stop throwing away your old light bulbs. Use them for Christmas ornament crafts instead. Start with this light bulb Santa.

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Fall Craft Ideas for Making a Simple Leaf Wreath

Use these fall craft ideas and your scrapbooking tools for this leaf wreath

I don’t know about you, but I seem to collect crafting tools and am always looking for new fall craft ideas to make with them. There are many stores that carry paper wreath making kits, but it’s simple to make your own. Using a simple wreath form and a leaf scrapbooking punch, I made this wreath in an afternoon and the good news is, the kids can help with these too! Give children a wreath form and let their imaginations run wild.

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