Christmas Crafts for Kids Articles

Creative Ways to Use Crafts for Kids

Inexpensive crafts for kids that make great ways to wrap presents

As Christmas fast approaches, put the kids to good use by having them create these crafts for kids that transform a plain roll of butcher-block paper into festive and personal Christmas wrapping paper. We are nearing that time of year when the kids are super excited for Christmas and we need time to finish all of our Christmas plans. Everyone can help out on this one! One of the last things I tend to think about is how to wrap all the presents we give to family and friends.

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Spice up Your Christmas Paper in a Few Simple Steps

Christmas paper never looked this good

You can stick them, tape them, or tie them, but they won’t be as creative and fun as these personalized Christmas paper gift tags. Don’t buy what you can make this year. Make your presents pop with these 4-step Christmas paper crafts. If you have a computer, a pencil, and some scissors, you can make these festive tags.

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Santa Claus Makes an Appearance in Our Paper Christmas Crafts

Leave the Christmas gifts to Santa — and let Santa be your kids’ favorite paper Christmas crafts

We all remember the Christmas crafts we made when we were kids. These Santa Claus paper Christmas crafts will be one of those memories for your kids. They are simple, fun, and classic kids crafts. In fact, you probably made something like this when you were younger. Let these paper Christmas craft ideas be a throw-back to your childhood and a new memory for your little ones.

This craft is fun and easy for children ages 2 and up. With the younger ones, be sure to supervise their glue usage and handling of small objects (ie: cotton balls and googly eyes).

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Send Mother Earth a Christmas Present With Christmas Paper Crafts!

Recycle shipping paper to make cute, environmentally friendly Christmas paper crafts!

This year, find Christmas paper crafts that help with the piles of wrapping paper heaped in landfills! The Christmas season shouldn’t be a burden on the planet, and these Christmas paper crafts let you recycle old shipping papers while making endearingly old-fashioned gift wrap for all your Christmas needs.

With these Christmas paper crafts, Mother Earth wins twice: you recycle the shipping paper and save on costly, useless gift wrap. What could be better than a craft that lets you exercise your creativity, personalize your gifts, and save the planet, all in one shot?

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Christmas Stationery: The Personal Touch!

Hand-made Christmas Stationery adds the perfect finish to Christmas cards and letters.

Christmas stationery comes in handy for those times you just don’t have time to write a long personal message to everyone on your Christmas card list, even if you hate the idea of sending form letters. It’s a quick activity that gives your letters a personal touch. Christmas stationery is also a fun craft for kids, who can use it to write their own letters or just make it on your behalf!

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Simple Christmas Paper Crafts

Paper crafts kids can make to decorate the Christmas tree

Paper crafts are always a lot of fun for kids. The really great thing about paper crafts is that they are cheap to make and there is no limit to the creative nature that can be sparked with paper crafts.

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