Pre-Printed Fabric Christmas Craft Patterns

Easy-to-use Christmas craft patterns

Christmas craft patterns make it easy to create wonderfully unique Christmas decorations. There are a number of places from which to order Christmas craft patterns, or you can make your own.

Pre-printed fabric Christmas craft patterns are among my favorites because they are so quick and easy to make.

Krafty Kris loves pre-printed fabric Christmas craft patterns…

The Christmas tree featured in the photo on this page is a creation resulting from the use of a pre-printed fabric Christmas craft pattern. Unlike most Christmas craft patterns, you don’t have to buy the fabric and the Christmas craft patterns because the pattern (and instructions) are printed right on the fabric.

To make the Christmas tree using a pre-printed fabric Christmas craft pattern, all I had to do is follow some simple instructions, cut the pattern out, sew it together using the printed seam guides, stuff it with pillow stuffing, then garnish it with bows, bells and such.


Usually there is a new variety of Christmas craft patterns every year for you to choose from, so you can make some new, original Christmas crafts each year.

Most fabric stores and department stores that carry fabric have fabric Christmas craft patterns available.

Types of Christmas craft patterns

Some examples of fabric Christmas craft patterns I have used are pillow patterns with a winter wonderland scene, pillow-like Christmas dolls and angels, Santa’s bag of toys, and a wall hanging depicting Santa, his sleigh and his reindeer.

This three-dimensional Christmas tree is among my favorite fabric Christmas craft patterns.

Did You Know…A group of outraged tailors who feared they would be put out of business by the sewing machine destroyed the factory and machines belonging to the man who invented the first functional sewing machine.

Whether or not you are a talented seamstress, you can make really cute Christmas decorations using fabric Christmas craft patterns. They are so easy to make and you don’t really have to worry about getting a seam crooked or anything like that, especially if you are adding decorations to it.

Decorations can be attached using thread, hot glue or small pins.

Anyone can make fabulous Christmas decorations with pre-printed fabric Christmas craft patterns.