Recipe Magnets Make Cute and Personal Homemade Christmas Gifts!

Use shrink art and a little imagination to create these homemade Christmas gifts for the special people in your life.

Are you looking for homemade Christmas gifts that are a bit different? We all love receiving something personalized, but homemade Christmas gifts tend to fall into three categories: stuff you eat (chocolates and candies), stuff you’ll eventually eat (jars of muffin mix), and stuff you’ll never use. Why not combine shrink art and a little ingenuity to create homemade Christmas gifts that are practical, fun, and a blast to make?


-Shrink Art (or “Shrinkydinks” — available at most arts and craft stores)
-Strips of magnet
-Pencil crayons or markers
-A dark black pen or thin marker
-Your favorite recipe (try to find one that could be used often, like a great cookie recipe or — for the health nut — some creative smoothie variations)

Make It!

Shrink art comes in hard plastic “sheets.” It’s very versatile stuff and a lot of fun to play with! The idea is, you draw or write something on the paper, stick it in the oven for a few minutes, and it shrinks down to about a quarter of its original size, becoming very hard (like plastic) in the process.

Children love shrink art and will enjoy these homemade Christmas gifts, but you’ll have to take care of the oven part.

Heat the oven to 350 F. Depending on how large you want your magnet to be, use either a half or a quarter sheet of shrink art. Lightly draw an outline on the rough side of the shrink art. Do all of your rough work in pencil and trace over it later in marker.

Copy the recipe onto the shrink art, then decorate it however you like with crayons or markers (just color on the shrink art like you would on paper). Once you’re satisfied with the result, cut around the outline. Make as many as you like.

Spread your homemade Christmas gifts on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and put them in the oven. It’ll only take a few minutes before they start to shrink. They’ll get curly and flip around, but don’t panic: they’ll settle down. You need to watch this part (not only because it’s fun, but so you can decide when they’re finished).

Once the homemade Christmas gifts settle down, give them a minute in the oven to set before you remove them. Immediately press down on them (NOT with your bare hands, please!) to make them lie flat. They should cool very quickly.

Stick a magnet on the back of each of your homemade Christmas gifts, and you have a recipe that can’t get lost! These homemade Christmas gifts take everyone by surprise, make great stocking stuffers, and are a mile away from ordinary.