Recycled Christmas Cards: Turning Trash into Treasure!

Your recycled Christmas cards can be a valuable crafting resource to add beauty to your home

Reused or recycled Christmas cards can be a fantastic resource for a crafter. Every year our family receives Christmas cards from friends and family all over the country. They are a delight to receive, and every year I display them proudly. But when Christmas ends, what do you do with all those card?

How about reusing or recycling those wonderful Christmas cards? Rather than (gasp!) throw them away, or shove them into a drawer or envelope, you can repurpose those cards into some really fun crafts!

A craft source that’s eco-friendly and beautiful all at once? I’m sold! Let’s see what we can do with Christmas cards!

Recycled Christmas Card Projects

Christmas Card Basket: This may be one of my favorite projects. With Christmas cards and some yarn, you can design one or more very cute baskets!

Decorative Ways to Recycle Christmas Cards: This article includes a bunch of adorable ideas, including tree ornaments, gift tags, and place cards.

8 Simply Great Ideas: In addition to gift tags and ornaments, this article has some wonderful donation ideas for your old Christmas cards.

Recycled Ornaments: Who better to offer great suggestions for recycling Christmas cards into beautiful tree ornaments than Martha Stewart?

With the help of one of these articles, your reused or recycled Christmas cards can make your holidays a little brighter and more beautiful!