Santa Claus Makes an Appearance in Our Paper Christmas Crafts

Leave the Christmas gifts to Santa — and let Santa be your kids’ favorite paper Christmas crafts

We all remember the Christmas crafts we made when we were kids. These Santa Claus paper Christmas crafts will be one of those memories for your kids. They are simple, fun, and classic kids crafts. In fact, you probably made something like this when you were younger. Let these paper Christmas craft ideas be a throw-back to your childhood and a new memory for your little ones.

This craft is fun and easy for children ages 2 and up. With the younger ones, be sure to supervise their glue usage and handling of small objects (ie: cotton balls and googly eyes).

Paper Plate Santa

Roll up your sleeves and have fun with these paper crafts for Christmas!

Items you will need:

— White, paper plate

— Red, construction paper

— White, construction paper

— Cotton balls

— Crayons

— Googly eyes

— Scissors

— Glue

How to build your paper Christmas craft:

1. Cut a large, red triangle out of your red construction paper. Glue the triangle to the top of your paper plate.

2. Cut a circle from the white construction paper to place at the top of your red triangle (Santa’s hat). Cut a white strip, 2 inches thick, the same length as the base of Santa’s hat. Glue the white circle to the top of Santa’s hat, and a white strip to the base of the hat, on the paper plate.

3. Glue cotton balls on both pieces of white construction paper — the denser the better!

4. Glue 2 googly eyes beneath the base of Santa’s hat (on the paper plate).

5. Beneath the eyes, placed in the center of the plate, color a small, pink circle for Santa’s nose. If you want to add rosy cheeks, draw light, red rainbow-shaped marks to the sides of Santa’s nose.

6. Beneath the nose, draw Santa’s mouth with crayon — in any shape you like.

7. Now for the fun part! Glue cotton balls on the perimeter of the plate, starting at the base of Santa’s hat. Fill in the rest of Santa’s beard beneath his nose, up the middle of his cheeks, and around his mouth.

Santa Claus is the highlight of Christmas for kids. Let this Santa Claus be no different. Get your kids together with their friends for an afternoon of crafts. This inexpensive craft will be at the top of your list for crafts for kids. With his googly eyes and fuzzy beard, these Santa Claus paper Christmas crafts are irresistible to children of all ages.