Send Mother Earth a Christmas Present With Christmas Paper Crafts!

Recycle shipping paper to make cute, environmentally friendly Christmas paper crafts!

This year, find Christmas paper crafts that help with the piles of wrapping paper heaped in landfills! The Christmas season shouldn’t be a burden on the planet, and these Christmas paper crafts let you recycle old shipping papers while making endearingly old-fashioned gift wrap for all your Christmas needs.

With these Christmas paper crafts, Mother Earth wins twice: you recycle the shipping paper and save on costly, useless gift wrap. What could be better than a craft that lets you exercise your creativity, personalize your gifts, and save the planet, all in one shot?


-Christmas-themed stamps (or just stamps you like, or stamps that suit the personality of the gift’s recipient)
-Red and green ink pads (available in the stationary and craft stores)
-Brown wrapping paper (the kind that comes around boxes you receive in the mail, or sometimes stuffed into the box to protect its contents)
-Brightly colored ribbon
-A present to wrap

Make It!

Smooth the wrapping paper out on a hard, flat surface, such as your kitchen table or the floor. It will probably be quite wrinkled from shipping, but that’s okay: smooth it out as much as you can, and any unfixable wrinkles will add to the charm of your old-fashioned gift wrap.

These Christmas paper crafts are incredibly simple to make: it’s just a matter of stamping! Pick two or three stamps you like. Use green and red ink to stamp a pattern onto the paper. Make sure you cover a good deal of the surface area but space the stamps evenly. These are great Christmas paper crafts to keep the kids busy while you’re working on something else and involve them in wrapping presents — and they’ll feel so special when they see the gifts under the tree wrapped in their own homemade paper!

Once you’re satisfied with the pattern, wrap your presents as you normally would. Tie a brightly colored ribbon around them (this step is important, because the brown paper background is somewhat plain). Your gifts are ready to go, you didn’t spend a cent on wrapping paper, and you’ve given a gift to the planet as well!

Other Ideas

If you buy letter stamps, you can actually stamp out a message on the top of the gift (such as “Merry Christmas Sam! Love Mom). Talk about personalized gifts! These Christmas paper crafts are quick, simple, and a lot of fun, so grab your ink and get stamping.