Simple and Beautiful Christmas Ornaments to Make

Creative ideas for Christmas ornaments to make

It seems like every year I am looking for new Christmas ornaments to make. I don’t really want them to be too difficult, but I do want them to be beautiful. I was shopping recently at a local store and came across a package of unfinished chip art shapes. Chip art is similar to cardboard, but it comes in beautiful shapes.

Adding personality to your table

The package I bought is different sizes and shapes of birds. The one I chose for this project is a bird sitting on a branch. I have different colors of glitter that I’ll be using, but you could also decorate your birds (or whatever shape you decide on) with decorative papers or paints. I think these will look fabulous on my tree this year.


— chip art shapes of your choice

— ribbon

— hole punch

— glue (any craft or school glue will work)

— different colors of glitter, decorative papers or paints

–paint brush

–small trays or paper to catch glitter


1. Choose the shape that you’ll work on first. Punch a hole at the top of the shape. Pour a small amount of glue into a small bowl or container. Add a few drops of water to the glue. You do not want the glue to be too watery, it should still be thick, but the water makes it easier to paint with.

2. Decide on how many colors of glitter you want to use. If only using one glitter, go ahead and cover one side of the bird with the glue. If you’ll be using multiple colors of glitter, be sure to know where the colors will change and only paint one section at a time, cover it with glitter and then carefully move on to the next section.

3. Continue until one side is covered. Allow to dry (about an hour) before glittering the next side.

4. Once both sides are covered, slip a ribbon or twine through the hole and hang.

Look for an assortment of chip board shapes at your local craft store. You can choose a theme and decorate a whole tree with the shapes, or do a variety of different shapes in all sorts of colors. Think outside the box – use letters, shapes, or words – and think of how you can use these Christmas ornaments to make.