Simple Christmas Crafts for Busy People

No matter how busy you are, you have time for simple Christmas crafts!

Simple Christmas crafts are a great way to exercise your inner artist. Not only are they a fun way to get involved in the holidays, they sometimes offer you a chance to be more environmentally friendly, save money, and add a personal touch to the holidays. How can you go wrong?

One of the biggest offenders during the Christmas season is gift wrap. Most of it can’t even be recycled, so you wind up with piles and piles in landfills the day after Christmas.

Fortunately, making your own Christmas wrap is easy and fun. And if you choose to make it out of an absorbent but easily recyclable paper like newsprint, it’s also a lot more environmentally friendly… if you can convince any friends or family members to part with it once you’re done!

Simple Christmas crafts: holiday gift wrap

What You’ll Need:

-Food coloring
-Christmas stamps or stickers
-Ink pads (if using stamps)
-Transfers, glitter, stick on jewels, or other embellishments (optional)

What To Do:

WARNING: some simple Christmas crafts can be done while you watch TV. This isn’t one of them. Do it over the kitchen sink and wear old clothes. It’s quick and easy, but if you’re not careful, it can make a mess.

1. Mix dye by combining food coloring and water in bowls. Keep in mind that the dye will fade on the paper. With some colors that won’t matter, but if you want red and not pink, for example, you’ll need to use a fairly high concentration of food coloring.

2. Gently fold or crumple the newsprint. Dip different sections into dye for just a few seconds, letting the dyes streak into one another.

3. Once you’ve tie-dyed as much of the paper as you see fit, carefully open up the paper and lay it flat to dry.

4. Allow the paper to dry completely — otherwise, it will make a big mess and won’t hold stamps or stickers.

5. If desired (sometimes I like the paper too much to add anything to it), use stamps and stickers, glue on jewels, etc. to embellish the paper. Decorate it as much as you like: after all, it’s Christmas wrap! Kids in particular like it when there’s a lot of flash and bling on the wrap. Adults might prefer the simplicity of the plainer tie dye look.

And there you have it — simple Christmas crafts that make an environmental impact, personalize the holidays, and save money. How could you ask for more from a holiday activity? Get the family together for some simple Christmas crafts this week and make all your holiday gift wrap for the entire season.