Simple Christmas Paper Crafts

Paper crafts kids can make to decorate the Christmas tree

Paper crafts are always a lot of fun for kids. The really great thing about paper crafts is that they are cheap to make and there is no limit to the creative nature that can be sparked with paper crafts.

Krafty Kris on paper crafts for kids to make for Christmas…

Paper crafts are so easy to make. You don’t have to have a pattern, or even any ideas for paper crafts. Kids usually have their own ideas and will be thrilled to put them to use in a paper craft project.


Paper crafts aren’t incredibly durable as you can with the ones pictured, but if you want them to be used for long-term decorating you can always laminate the pieces of paper which will help to preserve them for longer.

When doing projects with paper crafts all you really need is various colors of construction paper, markers, kid-safe scissors, glue and maybe some glitter, sequins, beads, buttons, or similar items that kids can use to decorate their paper crafts creations.

The paper crafts displayed were created by kids who just dove into the projects. The Santa was made solely of construction paper and glue. For the wreath paper crafts, a paper plate was used and the center of the plate was cut out. The kids traced their hands on construction paper and cut the drawings out. The paper crafts hands were glued on the paper plate and some ribbon was stapled on for the final touches.

Did you know? Many craft projects, especially those that require cutting and placement of small items, help to develop motor skills.

Paper crafts such as these can be used to decorate a Christmas tree or they can be hung on a wall or door. Kids absolutely love to make Christmas paper crafts.

Paper crafts aren’t usually messy, they are inexpensive, and they are loads of fun. So, at Christmas time, whether at home or at school, entertain your kids and spark their creativity using paper crafts.