Simple Steps to Easy Christmas Crafts You Will Love

Let it snow with these easy Christmas crafts

There is something about a snowman that warms the heart for the Christmas season. Use this adorable snowman for easy Christmas crafts to decorate your home. In just a few simple steps, you will have yourself a fabulous snowman Christmas decoration to hang on your door. He is inviting and cute, but looks professionally made. Make many of these and give your Christmas projects to your neighbors and friends.

Easy Christmas Crafts Snowman Hanger

Set aside 30 minutes and a spot big enough in your house to spread out your supplies. Get ready to enjoy!


— Foam sheets in white, red, and black

— Glue – foam glue if you can find it

— Scissors

— Paint pens: Black, pink, and silver

— Orange pom pom

— 2 white pipe cleaners

— 2 black pipe cleaners

— 1-hole punch


Begin your Snowman Hanger by drawing 3 snowflakes on your white foam sheet. Each snowflake needs to measure approximately 2 inches x 2 inches. If you wish them to be identical, draw one, cut it out, and use it as a template for the remaining 2 snowflakes. From the same white foam sheet, cut a circle measuring approximately 4 inches in diameter. This is your snowman’s head.

From your black foam sheet, cut a top hat that fits the top of the snowman’s head. Round the edges of the top hat to give it a softer look. Glue the bottom edge of the top hat to your circle to appear that the hat is resting on the snowman’s head. Allow to dry while you continue crafting.

From your red foam sheet, cut a curved banner (resembling a rainbow in shape). The banner should measure approximately 6 inches in length and between 1 and 2 inches in width. Take a notch out of each end, making the banner look like the finished end of a ribbon (from one point cut diagonally toward the middle about a half-inch. Repeat from the other corner to form a triangle which will be removed from the banner).

Glue your snowman’s head to the middle of the banner, so that it covers the entire width, and the base of his head hangs just below the bottom of the curved banner. For his hat, cut a thin, red strip of foam to sit just above the brim. Glue into place.

Once all the glue is dry, use your hole punch to poke 2 holes on the top 2 corners of his top hat (one on each corner). Punch 2 more holes – 1 each – on the bottom points of the banner. Finally, on each snowflake punch 2 holes on opposite points of the flake. Once you have done that, you are ready to decorate him.

Use your paint pen to draw a dashed line along the perimeter of his head. This should be a fine, broken line to represent stitching. Do the same on the perimeter of the banner and the band of his hat. Finally, with your black pen, draw a face on the white circle. Give him, open happy eyes to express the festive holiday season!

To finish his face, use your pink pen to draw rosy circles on his cheeks. The last step is to add his nose. Glue the orange pom pom in the center of his face.

Set aside your snowman and work on your snowflakes. Use the silver paint pen to draw thin “stitching” around the edge of each flake. In the middle of the first one write the word, “Let.” On the second flake, write the word, “It.” Finally, on the third flake, write the word, “Snow.”

While your flakes dry, curl the white pipe cleaners around a pen to form a curly cue. Thread the first white pipe cleaner through the hole on the bottom, left corner of your banner, so that the edge is pointing through the back of the banner. Tie a knot to secure it.

With the first snowflake (“Let”) and the white pipe cleaner, thread the pipe cleaner from the banner through the snowflake so that the pipe cleaner shows in the back and the word is readable. Do the same for the next 2 flakes, tying the ends of your white pipe cleaners together if you run out before reaching the other end.

The idea is to have the 3 flakes hanging in an upside-down rainbow curve from the banner. Once the 3 flakes are threaded on the pipe cleaner, the end should run through the point of the banner that is opposite the originally threaded point (in other words, this is the bottom, right corner). Tie it off.