Snow Globe Christmas Ornament Ideas

Homemade snow globes make perfect Christmas ornament ideas

If you’re looking for Christmas ornament ideas, look no further than a classic. Snow globes — those cute little scenes you can shake up to make it snow — are easy to make and lots of fun, too! Whether looking for a project of your own or something easy to do with the kids, you’re sure to have fun with these.


— empty baby food jar with the label removed

— rubber cement or other waterproof craft glue

— small pieces of waterproof white material cut into tiny pieces (mini Styrofoam pieces work best, but you can also use craft store confetti or cut up grocery bags)

— small plastic items to create a winter scene

The winter scene materials vary depending on the age and skill of the crafter. An adult might want very small miniature houses, available in craft stores, and trees and bridges to make a village. A small child might content himself with a plastic snowman from the bargain shop. Just make sure you’ve planned your Christmas ornament ideas before you go shopping.

What to Do

1. Lay out your scene on the inside of the lid of the baby food jar. You can get almost to the edges but remember that it does need to screw securely back onto the jar itself, so leave enough room around the rim for that.

2. Once you’re happy with your scene, glue it in place. While the glue is still wet, carefully sprinkle it with Styrofoam pieces (or whatever material you’re using for your snow) to give the appearance of a snow-covered ground. Don’t worry about lumps, these will add to the snowy effect.

3. Let the glue dry completely.

4. Place a small handful of Styrofoam inside the glass part of the jar. Fill the jar to about 5/6 full with water. You want there to be enough that it gives the effect, but there needs to be a bit of room left in the jar so you can shake things up.

5. Carefully and tightly screw the lid back into place.

Tip it over, give it a shake, and you’ll have perfect Christmas ornamental snow globes. If you’re really ambitious, decorate the outside with glass paints that add to your design. You can also dye the water a different color if you’re so inclined — for example, a dark blue for a nighttime scene. Just don’t make it too bright or your village will look like it’s underwater!

Have fun with these Christmas ornament ideas, and enjoy them this year and for holidays to come.