Spice up Your Christmas Paper in a Few Simple Steps

Christmas paper never looked this good

You can stick them, tape them, or tie them, but they won’t be as creative and fun as these personalized Christmas paper gift tags. Don’t buy what you can make this year. Make your presents pop with these 4-step Christmas paper crafts. If you have a computer, a pencil, and some scissors, you can make these festive tags.

I was stocking up on this year’s gift wrap, when I started thinking of ways to spice up my packaging. The standard gift tags are boring and the custom ones are too expensive. That’s when I came up with the idea to customize my own homemade Christmas gift tags. Also, with this method, there are many options for customization.

Christmas gift tags

I designed each of my gift tags according to the recipient’s initials. I would suggest making your tags out of initials or festive holiday shapes. The easiest way to make your design is on the computer. Search online for Christmas patterns or use a Word Processor to type various letters of different fonts, sizes, and styles. Once you have the desired pattern, print it in the size you want. These designs are your templates.

Finish your gift tags with the following supplies and steps.


— Cardstock or poster board

— Wrapping paper or scrapbook paper

— Scissors

— Glue

— Single hole punch

— Raffia, twine, or ribbon


1. Print and cut out your templates. I suggest making them large and creative. My initial tags were about 5 inches tall and wide for the smaller gifts. I made tall, thin initials for gifts that were wrapped in taller boxes.

2. Trace your templates onto the stiff paper of your choosing (card stock or poster board) and the wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. After you have them traced, cut them out of each paper.

3. Glue the decorative paper onto the stiff paper. This will give you the sturdiness you need for displaying your tags on your gift.

4. Punch a hole in the top of your gift tag and string with your twine or ribbon. Tie onto the bows of your gift. Should you choose not to use this method, you can glue or tape your tags to the side of each package to make them appear as part of the gift wrap.

These are a huge hit. Everyone will appreciate the customization and time you put into making these tags.

Enjoy spicing up your Christmas wrapping paper with these customized gift tags!