Super Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Educational Thanksgiving crafts for kids of all ages

Thanksgiving crafts for kids are always fun because kids just love to decorate and make special Thanksgiving crafts. Educational Thanksgiving crafts for kids are even better!

Krafty Kris’s Thanksgiving crafts for kids…

Thanksgiving crafts for kids that help them to understand what Thanksgiving is all about are fun and memorable. Teachers and parents alike love Thanksgiving crafts for kids that reinforce lessons they learn about American History and the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids can be easy to make and when accompanied by a story, they are even more interesting. Coloring pages featuring the Pilgrims, the Native American Indians, turkeys, feasts, and cornucopias (horns of plenty) are good Thanksgiving crafts for kids to color. The coloring pages can be backed with construction paper to make them into nice wall hangings.

Indian vases are unique Thanksgiving crafts for kids and make really cute Thanksgiving decorations.

To make an Indian vase you fill a glass bud vase with dried beans or dried corn. Glue a small gourd or a large wooden bead on the top of the vase (this will be the head). Use black yarn to make hair for the Indian. Small colorful beads can be strung on thin leather strings to make headbands and necklaces for the Indian vase. The kids can paint faces on the Indian and can add assorted feathers as decoration.

The Indian vase can be used as a decoration for the dining room table or anywhere in the house. These Thanksgiving crafts for kids also make nice gifts for those you want to show your appreciation and thanks for during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Did you know? The First Thanksgiving in 1621 consisted of a feast of wild turkeys, venison, corn and barley. The feast was shared by the Pilgrims of Plymouth and the Wampanoag Indians, including Squanto who was a translator who helped the Pilgrims and the Indians to communicate with one another.

Anytime you do Thanksgiving crafts for kids, be sure to turn it into an educational experience. You can get books from your local library to read about Thanksgiving topics that complement the Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Older kids will enjoy exploring the internet looking for historical stories they can tell about the Thanksgiving crafts for kids.