Thanksgiving Crafts Articles

Fall Thanksgiving Crafts to Use on Your Table

Easy fall Thanksgiving crafts ideas using simple supplies

As the time draws closer to the holiday season, these fall Thanksgiving crafts are simple solutions for decorating your table. I love using natural materials in my crafts. And for these ideas, use them over and over (or add some yummy treats instead). Just a few simple materials and create a custom-made table for your guests this year.

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Decorating your Table with Repurposed Thanksgiving Crafts Centerpiece

Reuse your vases and candleholders for this Thanksgiving crafts centerpiece

Dust off those unused glass vases and candle holders and transform them into a great Thanksgiving crafts centerpiece. I know all of us have several old glass vases or candle holders that you hold onto because you know you’ll find a purpose for them at some point. Well, this is a great idea for reusing them in a fresh way that will work for your Thanksgiving table decoration this year.

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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Can Use Year after Year

Thoughtful and creative Thanksgiving craft ideas

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I love because Thanksgiving craft ideas come from the heart. If you share your holiday with family, friends, or neighbors, it’s always nice to add thoughtful touches to your holiday table. Leaf posies, pinecone turkeys and beautiful leaf place cards grace your table with color and signs of the harvest.

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Fall Wreath Craft for Your Door or Mantle

A homemade fall wreath craft that looks professional

After shopping for fall crafts at my local crafts store, I came to the realization that the price was more than I wanted to spend for a seasonal decoration. That is when I came up with this fall wreath craft. It looks professional, and comes in at half the cost of the store bought wreath.

This wreath works through October and November, extending from fall crafts to Thanksgiving crafts.

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6 Steps to Simple Thanksgiving Crafts Centerpieces

These simple Thanksgiving crafts are dual purpose — they make festive decorations for your table and serve as gifts for your guests.

You decorate your Thanksgiving table every year, so why not change out that outdated cornucopia for these decorative gifts. These simple Thanksgiving crafts candy vases are decorative, festive, and make inexpensive, simple gifts for your Thanksgiving guests.

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3 Easy Steps to a Decorative Thanksgiving Craft Project

Looking for a Thanksgiving craft project? Build your own Thanksgiving wreath in 3 easy steps.

Do you love the wreaths you see in the store, but you find yourself disliking one specific component of them? Why not turn a wreath into a favorite Thanksgiving craft project? You can add the items you like and leave off those that you do not like. Build your own wreath in 3 easy steps.

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Give Your Kids a Fun Project with This Paper Thanksgiving Craft

Your kids will feel like they contributed and your guests will love this paper Thanksgiving craft

A paper Thanksgiving craft is all you need to set your dining room apart this holiday. If you enjoy decorating your house for the holidays, but get tired of having the same store bought decorations as everyone else — this craft is perfect for you. This Thanksgiving banner is festive, unique, and fun for anyone interested in making decorations for the fall.

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Thanksgiving and Crafts go Together Like Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows

Nothing says Thanksgiving and crafts like homemade felt turkeys

Do you remember sitting at your kindergarten table tracing your hand onto paper to make a turkey? Since then Thanksgiving and crafts have remained closely tied to each other. Only with this hand turkey, we are going to a new level of fun! This is a great craft for young kids if an adult is able to help.

This Thanksgiving crafts turkey is best suited for kids 7 and up.

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Super Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Educational Thanksgiving crafts for kids of all ages

Thanksgiving crafts for kids are always fun because kids just love to decorate and make special Thanksgiving crafts. Educational Thanksgiving crafts for kids are even better!

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Easy and Attractive Thanksgiving Crafts

Cornucopias are fabulous Thanksgiving crafts for decorations or gifts

Thanksgiving crafts are fun to make. Sometimes Thanksgiving crafts may be given to a hostess who prepares Thanksgiving dinner as a gift. Thanksgiving crafts can also be used as decorations for Thanksgiving festivities.

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