Thanksgiving and Crafts go Together Like Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows

Nothing says Thanksgiving and crafts like homemade felt turkeys

Do you remember sitting at your kindergarten table tracing your hand onto paper to make a turkey? Since then Thanksgiving and crafts have remained closely tied to each other. Only with this hand turkey, we are going to a new level of fun! This is a great craft for young kids if an adult is able to help.

This Thanksgiving crafts turkey is best suited for kids 7 and up.

Homemade Felt Turkeys

These turkeys are cute Thanksgiving crafts that you will enjoy having around your house. Forget hanging the 2-dimensional hand turkey on the refrigerator — this 3-D turkey will have its own place on the mantle. So let’s get started!


— 2 sheets of brown felt

— 1 bag of stuffing or wadded newspaper

— Scissors

— Yellow yarn

— Hand-held hole punch

— 2 small buttons

— 1 sheet each of fall colored felt

— Glue

How to assemble your turkey:

1. Trace your hand on the brown felt — adding a slight bit of extra room to each finger.

2. Cut out your traced hand from the felt, lay over your second sheet of brown felt, and cut out a second hand (using this first hand as a template).

3. Line up your 2 cutout hands, matching up each finger (thumb to thumb, etc.).

4. Use your hole punch to cut out circles about 1/2 inch apart on the perimeter of the hand. Be sure to spread your holes apart when you get to the fingers, so as not to punch an extra large hole.

5. Line up the holes for both hands and begin threading your yellow yarn through the holes in an over-under fashion. Begin at the outside wrist and work your way around. Before you close over the wrist area, stuff your hands (that now resemble a pocket) with your stuffing or wadded newspaper. Work your stuffing into the fingers. Finish threading your yarn, pull tight, and tie into a knot. Cut off any excess yarn.

6. Glue 2 buttons on either side of the thumb for your turkey’s eyes.

7. Cut out and glue feather-shaped pieces of fall colored felt around the fingers — sticking out in various directions or in an orderly fashion.

8. Allow the glue to dry on your turkey and then display him proudly on a shelf!

These turkeys are great Thanksgiving crafts for kids! They’re simple, yet more impressive and advanced than the 2-D hand turkeys. Enjoy your turkey and make more using different sizes of hands. Create a whole family of turkeys! Now when you think of this holiday, you will always associate Thanksgiving and crafts.