Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Can Use Year after Year

Thoughtful and creative Thanksgiving craft ideas

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I love because Thanksgiving craft ideas come from the heart. If you share your holiday with family, friends, or neighbors, it’s always nice to add thoughtful touches to your holiday table. Leaf posies, pinecone turkeys and beautiful leaf place cards grace your table with color and signs of the harvest.

Adding personality to your table

For each Thanksgiving craft project mentioned, natural objects make up your main ingredients. Leaves, berries, pinecones, seed pods, anything you can think of adds beauty to your Thanksgiving table. Use harvest colors and accessories to complete the look for your Thanksgiving table this year.


— Pinecones

— Leaves

— Assorted colors cardstock paper

— Pressed or fresh leaves

— Dried berries, feathers, seed pods, anything you’d like to add to your posies

— Ribbon or twine to tie the posies together

October-2011 051.jpg


1. For the pinecone turkeys, start with a pinecone and several leaf forms cut out of the card stock paper you have. Cut the turkey head and waddle out of red cardstock. I free formed mine, but you can find some ideas online. On each leaf, I wrote a word related to Thanksgiving.

For example, write what you’re thankful for on each leaf, or each guest writes something they are thankful for. Glue the leaves into a row of the pinecone. Find a good spot to place the head and waddle and glue into place.

2. For the leaf place card, choose a colored cardstock and trace around the leaf shape. At the bottom of the leaf where the stem is, draw a rectangle (this will hold up the place card). Cut along the edges and then outline with pen.

I used a white ink pen to outline on the dark paper. You can also use different colors for each person, or unify the look and keep it simple by using the same color at each place setting.

3. For the leaf posies, combine several different colored leaves, berries, and pods into a bouquet, with all the stems lined up. Twist a pipe cleaner or floral wire to hold in place. Tie a ribbon around it and you’re done!

Add a label with Thanksgiving words or names and place one at each table setting. Or line these up and use them as table decorations.

Elaborate on these for each guest or family member. At Thanksgiving, I like to add natural elements to my table. Enjoy personalizing your table this holiday with these Thanksgiving craft ideas.