These Easy Crafts Make Beautiful Christmas Ornaments!

These are quick, easy crafts that children of any age will enjoy putting together!

Often easy crafts wind up looking like precisely that! But these Christmas ornaments are quick, easy crafts that actually make attractive and interesting ornaments. Younger children will enjoy making them, and older children will be able to turn out a whole bunch of these easy crafts in an afternoon — probably enough to decorate a tree of their own! If you don’t happen to have an extra tree kicking around, consider stringing a piece of yarn across the ceiling and hanging the ornaments from that. You’ll be surprised how nice they look!


-old Christmas cards
-circle tracers (old drinking glasses or jar lids work great)
-hole punch

Make It!

Find four Christmas cards you like. Make sure the part you like is small enough to fit inside your circle tracer. When you’ve selected four, trace a circle, “framing” the nicest part of each one. Cut them out so you have four Christmas-y circles.

Fold each circle in half with the picture facing in (so that when it’s folded, you’re looking at the undecorated side). Take two of the circles and glue two of the half-flaps together. You should now have three flaps: two with decoration on one side and not on the other, and one with decoration on both sides.

Take the fourth circle and glue the remaining flaps together. You should now have a circle with four flaps, all of them double-sided.

Punch a hole through the center of one flap and tie a piece of brightly colored yarn through it, making a loop. There you have it! These easy crafts are ready to display!

Other Ideas

Not only are these ornaments easy crafts to make, they’re a great way to talk about recycling and use up old stuff — Christmas cards, yarn scraps, etc. They also make nice small gifts to give to grandparents. If the kids want to give presents to their friends, these work perfectly for that, or they’re great easy crafts for Christmas parties. If you want, you could even have the kids whip them up in advance and give them out as party favors.

If you want something a little fancier, replace the yarn with silver cord. But no matter what you do, you’ll wind up with pretty, handmade ornaments. These are easy crafts with big potential!